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  1. Firstly, I know its been a while since this has been touched on. I would like to provide my input on this topic. Ever since a very young age, i've been able to "control" my body in various ways. This topic in particular is about causing a tingling, pulsing feeling. I appreciate all the input thus far. However, I'm here to convey what makes mine different. Here's how it goes: Generally when I'm laying in bed, bored or otherwise, I can 'force' my body to basically go numb. It seems as if I'm overloading the spinal processes and or, perhaps, pinching them off.. It starts at thr6 base of my neck, C3 area, and it goes down go my pelvis. However, I can also move this feeling to my hands, legs, and wherever. I do expect the same jolting if i progress top hard. Its like an uncontrollable shiver, or perhaps, just a few shivers before its unbearable. Where i find my situation to be different (at least as its conveyed) is in the way that o can actually control the 'Intensity' of this feeling. It doesn't often feel good, it usually gets unbearable if i hold at full force for about 3-5 seconds. The best i can describe if that i'm interrupting my spinal and nervous processes at their base and literally cutting off parts of the body ,at will. There's more to my story. I spent many years perfecting a form of Buddhist meditation where CHI Energy is harnessed to create heat within the body, and push this heat outside the body. This meditation also opens other subconscious possibilities such as "the switchboard", which is what i call my ability to literally go into my subconscious and turn on and off things like Pain and Emotion and Ticklishness.... It sounds better than it works. Its only ever temporary 😕 My point of this above paragraph is that these processes are entirely different. Firstly. This ability to numb my body is Conscious. I do it while I'm awake. I command it. Whereas my switchboard is Subconscious. I ask for it when i meditate or "flow". Thats another topic entirely. (the ability to hit "Flow" state on commandYes, the productivity 'flow state' My journey has taken me to many different ways of attempting to find an ultimate truth to these experiences. Alas, i turn up empty handed. These tricks are no more than neat gimmicks that only help me in my own body. I cannot convey them to others.(however at one time i have been able to "push" Emotion to others and open an empathy pathway. But i haven't been able to do it in years. I suppose I'm a lot less emotional these days). Fact is, I'm 27. Been doing this my whole life. Not entirely sure what the purpose is, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. I look forward to seeing more about this topic. It gas be be a leftover instinct from something. But what? Lmk what you guys tthink. Sorry for the long message. I just wanted to get it all out there a once. This has been my experience during my aforementioned Buddhist training. Its a very real thing and i used to do the same thing. I'd show it to people I know to wierd them out. Like a party trick. Haven you noticed that touching your hands together basically cancels it out? In the ancient teachings they said its basically like shorting out your chi and it just goes away. Thats why there needs to be a gap. Its entirely possible to directly convey this energy into others. I thinking its a 'chi conduit'? But it entails your lower chakras 2 (Sacral and Root chakras) and basically pulling the Root Up and pushing the Sacral down until they touch internally basically 'connect'. Ever seen a monk doing a downwards motion with one hand and an upwards motion with the other simultaneously? look it up.
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