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  1. Of course, we can philosophize on this topic, but I am more than sure that even when humanity becomes a more advanced civilization and it's easy to move between the stars in a fraction of seconds, there will still be no complete understanding of where and how the Universe, Space, Time was formed. It's like trying to unravel infinity itself. 🧐
  2. Absolutely!! But after some time of the evolution of our science, it will be possible, I think. It's advisable to invent this before the planet Earth suffers self-destruction. 🤔
  3. I talked to contactees who visited UFOs, but unfortunately they didn't say such exact data. I mean calculations and formulas. They were told the principle of obtaining energy in outer space.
  4. So, I think it's very expensive to transport nuclear waste to a black hole. 😹😹 Can we just learn how to neutralize nuclear waste with some field or electromagnetic effect for example? 😉
  5. How do you feel about such a model that matter has a wave nature? If it's normal, then I can give you a interesting scientific stuff that tells you about the mechanism of motion from the point of view of wave processes at the atomic level of matter. 😉
  6. Since I am a Russian ufologist and at the same time a physicist, I can explain a little on this issue. From the stories of those people who were taken to UFOs and told about their propulsion drives and power devices. From their stories follows the following: Aliens get their energy from ionized radiation in outer space, that is, from cosmic radiation. UFOs are equipped with special devices that collect cosmic radiation and convert it into electricity. Something similar to our solar panels on Earth, only they collect ionizing radiation. After that, they either charge their batteries or direct electricity to the ship's propulsion system for moving in space. 😉
  7. I think EmDrive is really a foney. But there are real developments that can get propulsive force in a non-reactive way. The problem is that the effects that these developments showed are difficult to explain from the point of view of ordinary classical physics. We still know very little about Nature and therefore can't know which side bread is buttered. 😉
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