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    Just a 14 y/o wanting to pursue Physics for College
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  1. year 10 in the uk might also be grade 10 here because in grade 10, that's a year before senior high (grade 11 & 12, where you pick you course n stuff like STEM, ABM, etc) if that's the case, then year 9 is the same as grade 9 (maybe)
  2. I meant, in more of a "self study" kinda way our teachers here aren't the kind of teachers you could talk one-on-one to. the teacher's "motive" I guess is that you're there to teach, and nothing else which is kind of sad, in all honesty
  3. I am Grade 9 right now, and I felt that I might be forgetting a few things since it's lockdown, and our school came from 5 schooldays to 2 call days and 2 homework days (friday is free :D) so I decided to use my time to study. thing is, what should I study? where do I start in relearning things? thanks!
  4. Shostakovich - Symphony No. 11 in G Minor "The Year 1905", II. "The 9th of January" Conducted by Mariss Jansons Played by the Philadaelphia Orchestra
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