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  1. So you are calling a theory that I brought up wrong while your theory is based off of if, should and certainly not extraordinary evidence... it is certainly not. It is no evidence. You are hoping that since we have a lot of planets there should be life... you just spice up the words to sound better with 0 evidence. Another degrading claim backed by nothing. So the US never invaded Germany? Operation paperclip never happened? 1942 wasn’t our first official ufo sighting? It wasn’t a “battle over LA” ? In 1945, same time as operation paperclip, the US didn’t have an increase of sightings? Those are facts. “I know nothing” *socrates would be a good quote for you to think about so you are not so closed minded. If you are going to degrade back it up with facts please.
  2. Idk what QAnon is. You can look up the info I shared yourself. See if I was lying
  3. In 1945 the US started “operation paperclip” where we extracted around 1600 German scientists and engineers. There was one ufo sighting in 1942 where the US attacked a ufo over LA. (If it was the Germans who created the ufo they would use them. And it explains why we attacked) After we brought back the scientists ufo sightings boomed and no ufo was ever attacked again. (Timeline that correlates with German engineering) Maybe we have spent too much time focusing on aliens and not enough time on the ufos... and the initial post is more of a conspiracy of why the ufo would be kept a secret, why aliens would be the driver, and how it could be manipulated to obtain power.
  4. Most scientists “agree” that life “might” exist in the universe. I also agree life might exist in the universe. I also believe that scientists on earth “might” have engineered an anti gravity flying device and the correct timeline is more proof than life in the universe.
  5. I watched a military documentary where Americans claimed that when we invaded Germany we found the scientist and an anti gravity flying device. (UFO) they claimed we captured scientists (facts) and brought them to America where they would show us how it worked (who knows) Within a few years we had the start of ufo sightings. (First sightings correlate with dates) (not with Ancient Egyptians though) this is where the correlation between the New World Order (real thing in presidential speeches) and UFO’s combine. The conspiracy of aliens.. NWO needs something that will unite the world. A possible government that could “save” the world from attackers and earn everyone’s trust and “unite” our world under one “protector”... this is how rulers were made back in the day... the most powerful army wins. In other words fake attack, fake a save, tell us we have protection under the NWO.... I’m just lounging and thought I’d throw an interesting angle out about aliens. I’m not a big believer in this but it makes sense kinda and keeps an open mind looking into all possible angles and manipulations of the unknown.
  6. I’m not that smart I’m juswanderin... From everything I’ve looked into “top” scientists and health officials say “if you get covid, you are immune for 3 months”... mostly. So that raises the question. If you get covid, then get 2 covid shots within the 3 month period what toll does that take on the body?
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