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  1. Be kind. I argue against individual purpose. We must find the best way to cater to conscious things and make sure no needs are exploited.
  2. I can see pitfalls of changing ecosystems yes. If you think I got my ethical reasons screwed, i'm curious about that too. I want to discuss something I have been confused about that hopefuly may clear up some issue. The thing with the antinatalist vs natalist debate, seems to be; that antinatalists hold the assymetric view of birth, and natalists hold the incomparability of non-existence. The assymetric view of birth states that is very bad to create suffering individuals, and happy individuals are a weak justification for taking the risk. The incomparability view,
  3. > isn't just some theoretical philosophy adopted by biologists >tangible benefits My argument is that what is morally,ethical, whatyacallit, true, must have tangible benefits, not be mere philosophy. It seems to me we could start with fast-breeding and common animals, particularly when not native. Making things worse must be considered, but we can be conservationists purely becuase we do have information about how ecosystemns work. I believe the notion that ecosystems are so mysterious is a part of this "beautiful glorious whole" narrative. It's silly to imply any pro
  4. The existence of Life on Earth is the only problem faced by life on Earth, discuss. I used to be a tree-hugging hippy, at least by my current values, life is beautiful, biology is fascinating. But then I realised that the higher order of complexity; the "balance", between good or bad, the great interconnection on all life on Earth, has no value. I argue that animal antinatalism; reducing the amount of animal birth to prevent poor welfare, is legitimate biology. Conservation is considered to be legitimate biology despite being a philosophy; it is an attempt at finding a biolo
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