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  1. I will do it in your topic, mine you already littered to the limit, have a conscience
  2. Perhaps I will use my right to request confirmation of everything that you posted here. Separate the text point by point and give proofs of all your statements Thanks
  3. You said that any language will suit you https://fishki.net/3286394-pochemu-babuiny-vorujut-lyvjat.html Is it enough?
  4. what exactly? The fact that baboons kill lions but don't eat them? Even children know this, you should be ashamed
  5. This is only for fundamental questions on the topic, but this is generally offtopic
  6. Primates are many times stronger than humans, but their endurance is much worse. People share like that too inside "population"
  7. this is not a fundamental question for this topic, I will not look for anything The pig eats meat, so what if the monkey eats it or not? By the way, it is also very close to humans, inside the human even closer to pigs then to primates
  8. It was about chimpanzees, but besides, I know that baboons constantly kill them, it seems they don't eat them either. You can search for it in a search engine, I think it's not hard to find
  9. I read it in another language, and for a long time ago, you may not believe me, it makes no difference to me. They klled lions because they enimes for them, they clever enough to see danger and prevent it In general, all these nonsense about the predation of herbivorous delusions, because they are anatomically and physiologically arranged differently And it's not matter at all
  10. by the way, it is noteworthy that monkeys kill lions, but do not eat them
  11. there is no place for children's pictures
  12. Yes, maybe I was wrong about Galileo. The claim that objects fall at the same speed is absurd. From the point of view of Aristotle, this is generally impossible, because he has no emptiness. He's got a heavy substance with a light one always just swaps places Accordingly, the body always has some kind of resistance.
  13. the cannibals also reasoned about the victims like that because it killer of innocent This well known, you need at least nerves to feel
  14. Then they will be holders themself, and not able get import for free No. It works as I said Printing money for circulation within the country will only lead to inflation
  15. As far as I remember, Aristotle did not say anything like that, he said that the heavy goes to the center, and the light materia goes from the center of the rectilinear movement Aristotle had no concept of gravity at all
  16. Not necessarily, although that too. For example, usually dynamic binding is limited, they prefer to implement inheritance by copying rather than delegation
  17. These are just explanations "for the people". The same Chinese could sell goods in their own currency, because everything changes freely, and they need the yuan inside, but then the United States cannot print money, but instead there will be an internal production for dollar support
  18. China pays the United States, so the United States has leverage, there are many of their puppets, otherwise they would not pay What did you want to ask? Do I understand the mechanism for paying tribute through currency board? So if the United States can force 2 billion Chinese to work through its protégés for a beggarly salary, then why can't it force an end to the genocide of the Uyghurs?
  19. I personally do not pretend, although I try whenever possible But it is superpredator Trivial image of Hero
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