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  1. The roots of a racist philosophy begin when a specified race is demeaned and depicted as inferior to one's own race. Apparently "thetruth910000" has all the makings of a racist ideolog worthy of the KU Klux Klan.
  2. Perhaps QUE was reminding the crew that they are of greater intelligence than animals, that their function is to understand what their eyes see, to appreciate the greatness of the cosmos.
  3. BEECEE, If there is a beginning, then it follows that there is a position somewhere after that point of origin. BB is a point or begining of the universe, we should be able to find our place in the observable universe that is relative to the point of singulatit. That is not a breakthrough in science or a new cosmological concept, that is just simple geometry and math. Your cousin in M31 is no more in the 'center' of the observable universe than you are, it is just a misinterpretation of the data or stupidity.
  4. the prevailing theory among cosmologists is that the observable universe began from a point of singularity and this singularity rapidly expanded in all directions to the present universe we see today. We are, to use the anology, in a balloon expanding outwards in all directions. We have detected the Microwave Background Radiation in equal distance in all points of directions. This observation proves one of three things, that our solar system is the very center of the universe (and therefore the point of origin) or the instruments are inaccurate, or astronomers are not interpreting the data cor
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