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  1. Yes, it was an amazing experience. It was like that. I began to read with him on an equal footing. After reading The Catcher in the Rye, he became depressed. I read it too, and we were able to talk about it. I was able to formulate normal arguments to convince him that these are trifles. In order not to pressure him with my point of view on this book, I even found examples of essays that analyze depression. Here they are essay writing service link deleted what do you think of them? it's too much? Is it okay for a child to read such tests? Or will I go far? It seems to me that he is just now faced with the problem of opposition between childhood and adulthood.
  2. Stephen Hawking is an amazing person. I am thirty-two years old, I always thought that it was too late for me to start doing science, but he changed my outlook. I wonder if there is such literature in Botany.
  3. You know, I really felt calmer, thanks. And yes, I discuss what I read with him all the time. He's a smart guy and very curious. Yes, he started reading Castaneda. I think it is important for him to discuss these topics with friends and with me. But he has such a period that he is very closed to others. A friend of mine, a teacher, advises me to offer him different analyzes of these books for reading to find different points of view. And promoted his critical thinking.
  4. In general, my son is in the stage of teenage protest. And in general I am not at war with him. But I presented this rebellion as something petty in type, rock music and so on. But he went further, and said that he wanted to read the very abnormal literature that he would find. He has already read "Mein Kampf" and he has read "Naked Lunch". I started reading Carlos Castaneda and is now interested in Selenger. And in general, I do not fit into his desire yet. But then he wants to read the Beatnik Bible, and that worries me. I don’t want all of this to have any negative effect on him.
  5. Yes ... it looks like I'm developing a complex of overprotecting a child, something like that. thank you
  6. Sorry, I'm not an expert. And I don't work in development. But recently I also started my way in programming, right after I finished CS 50 Harvard Online Course, I found out something for myself. It is very difficult to initially learn languages such as C. and C ++. In order to start writing code freely, I decided to study Python, it is easier to understand and easier to write. And I was captivated by this simple book for children https://www.amazon.com/Python-Kids-Playful-Introduction-Programming/dp/1593274076 it is really very simple. I learned Python in half a year, and there are already a couple of web applications in which I wrote a Python backend.
  7. My son is twelve years old. Asks why it is so important to read Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. And it is difficult for me to answer him unequivocally after many statements that this book had a destructive effect on young people. Personally, I told him that he can not read if he is not interested, and that the book is not very important and, as everyone says. I think this book can help a child start making important decisions and taking responsibility. But I don't like the opinions that revolve around this book. And I do not want my son to become a victim of these very opinions, if you know what I mean. He is very interested in these murders. I don’t want him to think that he is also capable of this, only after reading this book. What to do?
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