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    Brighton and Hove
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    Clothing. Fashion and theoretical physics.
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    BEng mech Eng.
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    Theoretical physics and gravitational interaction.
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    Semi retired engineer. Currently starting a not for profit clothing label. Genius clothing for clever people. Most definitely not for thick fu**ers.
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    Ceo of a not for profit clothing label. Aiming towards being the most ethical clothing company on the planet.

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  1. when I was born I knew nothing. More than half a century later. I must confess that I now........ know even less. 

    1. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Citation needed. Evidence suggests you've at least learned to read and write.

    2. MigL


      As Cypher ( joe Pantoliano in The Matrix ) says

      "Ignorance is bliss"

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