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  1. I don’t know how gold but oil and gas are extracted well with this method, it’s possible to change the approach and use other elements in hydraulic fracturing so that they do not dissolve gold, I think this would really be a breakthrough in gold and the metal industry where you can make high-quality metal by testing it with using spectrometers here is an example from a commercial website (in violation of rule 2.7) that analyzes the quality of metal showing the amount of chemical elements in it.
  2. The world does not stand still. I think Mask still have something to surprise us
  3. Where does this information is come from?
  4. The food chain of the bog biocenosis The flower receives the energy of the sun-the butterfly feeds on the nectar of the flower-the dragonfly, being a predator, eats the butterfly on the fly-the frog catches the overeating dragonfly -the frog is eaten by the hungry one-but the sharp-eyed hawk has already eaten it.
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