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  1. I think :- When they walk in opposite directions, A crosses B 14 times and they meet when A finishes. When they walk in the same direction, A overtakes B 4 times, and catches up again at the end.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate timo's comments on CMB and white holes, and I will use Migl's link to look up Hawking radiation (which I have heard of), but with little prospect of fully understanding it.
  3. I wasn't expecting such quick responses, thanks. I cannot answer how the matter might be transformed, who knows what goes on and what is possible inside a black hole. Hence speculation. Yes, I do recognise a photon as a quantum entity, and as such I was asking if it might 'tunnel' out.
  4. About myself I have just joined this forum and wish to describe my background. Educated to M.Sc. Level, with some relevant work experience thereafter, I opted for a more mundane career some 40 years ago and have been a carpenter and joiner ever since. I have always retained an interest in many fields of science – this in no participatory manner, more by way of reading “popular science” and relevant TV viewing. Dark energy So, this is an idea that occurred to me, I would not wish to present it as a theory, more as an idea for discussion. I would be totally not surprised to find that it is not original and can be discounted for (many) theoretical and observational reasons. Assume black holes attract more matter then contributes to their increase in mass, and that this surplus mass is transformed into energy. As electromagnetic energy it could not be emitted by the black hole, but as quantum entities could it tunnel out? If it did this, why has no one detected it? Maybe its not electromagnetic and we do not currently have the means for its detection. Maybe it appears as randomly spread, “photon sized” white holes and the energy is dissipated in the creation of the space needed for said white hole. (Most heretically, maybe we did but misinterpreted it as CMB.) Dark energy sums.doc
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