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  1. how easy do you think this would be to make
  2. do know where i could buy some other weak chips that could run a linux os
  3. could you show me some rasberry pi chips and where ic ould buy them i have a pi4 and 3 pi0ws but i never knew they had chips for sale
  4. @Sensei I'm trying to make a laptop that is solar powered purely from scratch could someone help me plan it out ill be editing this list as I go but right now I'm working on: motherboard solar panels finding a good online PCB designer that I can use to design a motherboard The time limit is till January 1st but I have to make 3 ideas but since this is the 1 I'm most enthusiastic about ill spend a month on this idea and 2 weeks on the other ideas my questions are {what other parts would I have to create to make this a fully working laptop that can type up on a word e
  5. i know java and python what other languages would i need to make my own operating system
  6. i can already do that ive made tons of things useing rasberry pi and audrino and its a extra credit project can you describe it in more detail and the parts that i would need other than microchips and cpu becuase the endgoal is to make a full computer
  7. what is a motherboard made of and how would i make 1 i have a budget of 1000 dollars in this hypothetical scenario and would only like to print 1 if you could help me it would be of great thanks
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