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  1. how easy do you think this would be to make
  2. do know where i could buy some other weak chips that could run a linux os
  3. could you show me some rasberry pi chips and where ic ould buy them i have a pi4 and 3 pi0ws but i never knew they had chips for sale
  4. @Sensei I'm trying to make a laptop that is solar powered purely from scratch could someone help me plan it out ill be editing this list as I go but right now I'm working on: motherboard solar panels finding a good online PCB designer that I can use to design a motherboard The time limit is till January 1st but I have to make 3 ideas but since this is the 1 I'm most enthusiastic about ill spend a month on this idea and 2 weeks on the other ideas my questions are {what other parts would I have to create to make this a fully working laptop that can type up on a word editor and send emails it's supposed to be a baseboard working computer } if you have any contributions or anything that you would like to add thanks also this is my last post of the day but ill try to edit this response to reply to u guys good suggestions would be : [things I need to add to this list because it is all from scratch and the deadlines January 1st only things allowed are PCB printers and other tools and services like 3d printing services used for printing out the cooling fan] [coding the os I don't mean coding an OS with every dingle dangle in their just a word editor and connecting all the peripherals, managing files, and this is huge if I have time somehow adding an internet browser cause ] [a nice lithium-ion battery.size to be determined but it will be custom made so if you have any suggestions for how places to order one it would be nice how much mAh it should be depending on how much it cost to run since its gonna be low power] [If you could give me some more suggestions on coding languages and where to start if there are any good teaching platforms like code gym for java or if there are any good books like black hat python] this is for an engineering project I thought it would be better to address it head-on with 1 large post instead of those 2 posts from earlier today but for all those who answer your responses won't be in vain right now I'm waiting for more notebooks to come in because my other engineering/coding notebooks are filled up with doodles well I think I put everything in here later ill edit the other requirements in if you got any advice it would be helpful is this better doing it in a more condensed post instead of multiple posts
  5. i know java and python what other languages would i need to make my own operating system
  6. i can already do that ive made tons of things useing rasberry pi and audrino and its a extra credit project can you describe it in more detail and the parts that i would need other than microchips and cpu becuase the endgoal is to make a full computer
  7. what is a motherboard made of and how would i make 1 i have a budget of 1000 dollars in this hypothetical scenario and would only like to print 1 if you could help me it would be of great thanks
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