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  1. I want to start learning calculus(for free time along with starting it for my degree), but I want to make sure I would have a somewhat smooth time understanding it.
  2. I have a hard time understanding the intermolecular forces except hydrogen bonding but the rest is just like...???
  3. Hey guys I'm going to be applying to Uni this year or next year. So I need some books to show that I'm interested for my application. What are the best books you would recommend on Neuroscience? ❤️
  4. nae


    Hey guys! I have an Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths Exam next week. I have studied for it but they recently told us what is going to be on it. So is there any techniques or study method I could use to cram(?) before my test. I would also like to know what was most effective to u. Thanks!
  5. nae


    Could u guys give me science jokes/ pickup lines? I personally really like them but my friend doesn't so I kinda wanna annoy her XD
  6. Hi everyone! The reason I am here now is cause I want to know what computer science really involves? Like what would I do if I were to go to University for the degree? I recently became much more curious in this field cause I want to make sure I won't make a mistake in choosing it. That's all! Thanks!
  7. nae

    Time travel

    Do you guys think it would be possible. I personally think humans won't be able to make it possible, but maybe if there is a super advanced race. Be it the whole body travelling through time or the consciousness travelling to another version of the body? This is just a hypothetical question. I also want to know what would you do if you had the power to time travel? (I think this would be more suitable in the trash can) XD
  8. Free science lessons! They are pretty short too, he simplifies it so well. Though he speaks very monotone to mostly get the point across
  9. That was an really good explanation. I don't know who u are but u should become a teacher or something(if u aren't already). I feel like I understand Scalers and Vectors a lot more than I did before mostly cause fig 1 and 2. If u don't mind I'm going to use some of ur explanations in my notes since it was nicely simplified. Once again thank you! ❤️
  10. I was talking about my skin colour XD I'll probably do that instead XD
  11. Then I've been off the cliff for a long time. I think u kind of of misunderstood what I said I was using POC as an example. And how racism towards that group of people could effect them and how I didn't like that. So I didn't say I dislike people of colour XD I am coloured myself after all.
  12. What I meant by 'negative stuff' is things that can effect a whole denomination of people. (e.g. racism). And what I mean by racism is the type which is aimed at People of Colour. Just to clarify. And I am aware it is not all about ME jeez...
  13. Police aren't trustworthy either...I just think they should practice self-control and keep whatever they have to say to themselves. I would rather not hear a person say negative stuff about people.
  14. Like how the cat has a chance of being dead or alive. It ties in with one of the theories I heard once. Say if a cat or whatever dies in a box couldn't there also be another reality where the cat didn't die? Thats what I meant. I just like whole concept of the thought experiment to be honest
  15. I believe we allowed to say whatever we want. But some people abuse their right of Free speech. (e.g. Abusive language) they then justify it as "Freedom of Speech". So in the end I think people who only say negative stuff about people shouldn't be allowed to always say what they think. Of course there are exception's. Cause Positive and Negative is totally subjective.
  16. One day I was scrolling through youtube and I found a video that was explaining Schrödinger's cat experiment. I personally really like the sound of it and thought "maybe it could be possible?". That was until I went to Instagram and found that everyone was making fun of it...? I was more confused why is it taken as a joke? It is either that the people on Insta are the wrong people to talk to about it, or I am just...the weird one? I hope not.
  17. You are telling me I can't say I'm a flat universer now? How tragic... T.T
  18. I am familiar with coordinate's but I haven't fully familiarised myself with it though. Your's and mathematic's helped me further understand swansont's explanation. Thank you! Ur explanation is way better than in my textbook and much more simpler compared to it. Thank you!
  19. Hi everyone! I am currently getting myself started in Physics. But for some reason I can't understand what vectors and scalers actually are.
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