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  1. essereio

    Free will

    Explain why you believe this because I don't see it in society.
  2. I'm racist because I don't reward bad behavior? You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_wrongs_make_a_right You're twisting everything without seeing the bigger picture of why a few or maybe a good portion of black people turn off a lot of other people. It's not just white people who are extremely annoyed by the rap/hip pop garbage personas. Loud music, loud voices, insults to innocent people, drugs, gun shootings and the list goes on. You get what you give. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-some-people-hate-rap-music Injustice? Verbal abuse on a consistent basis is a lot worse than physical abuse. Black people are much less likely to be taken seriously because of the rude behavior/rap persona of a few. I feel sorry for a good portion of young blacks who get brainwashed by the rap/hip hop music and then go on towards causing psychological issues towards society. A few bad apples spoils the bunch. Hopefully understanding how we feel will help you see that a lot of people have an aversion towards those who stress them out.
  4. Do you see the hate and victim mentality? No prejudice. Simply an aversion to obnoxious loudmouths regardless of skin color who expect their bad behavior rewarded. This includes my younger white brother who I can tell to shut up without being accused of being racist. Police brutality will stop when people stop being loudmouths and breaking the law. Like I said... people want their bad behavior rewarded. Malton, Ontario, Canada. This is a place where police is required to keep the peace. They tried removing the police station after renovating the whole place with new stores and streets but crime rate including killings went up. Without great power comes great irresponsibility.
  5. Did you watch the whole video? He wasn't a martyr period. You're derailing the point of the video. She's neutral and not picking sides. You're pulling an ad hominem on her. I dislike BLM also because it's self-evident that it's a hate group. I've lived in a multicultural community as a minority white male while receiving an unfair amount of insulting remarks from racist black people while minding my own business and at other times witnessed humble black people feeling frustrated with the rude and loud attitudes of other black people. BLM is a hate group because racism is driven by us verses them mentality. Hitler wanted good for people. It's just that his actions were incorrect towards taking out the trash(religion). Was he a good leader? No. Was he a bad leader? Who cares. He was ok. Nothing remarkable or revolutionary.
  6. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet but it's truly an eye opener regarding the matter.
  7. essereio

    Free will

    Are you sure someone can be more or less autonomous than others? Rather than simply be autonomous or not? Determined by what? Aura? Destiny? The universe? All my early school reports were basically my teachers complaining about my autonomy. It drove them nuts that I would never participate with others and do what I felt was correct. They wanted me to be a zombie and make bad decisions like the rest when my own nature is to be autonomous. To basically have an aversion to the conditioning. I still live like this. I get the gist of what you're saying in the second paragraph. Talk is cheap.
  8. essereio

    Free will

    It seems only an autonomous person has the ability of free will. The ability to not be conditioned by those around oneself. The same reason why scientists and/or original thinkers are born and can't ever be made.
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