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  1. This event has been orchestrated to divert public attention away from the erosion of freedoms perpetuated by the Corvid-19 global scam. Globalists (such as George Soros) engineer civil unrest by fostering an atmosphere of racial tension while they quietly usher in a communist one world government.
  2. As tragic as this may be, I'd like to hear the police officer's side of the story. Police officers don't use force without good reason but the background details seem to have been lost in the media frenzy surrounding this event. Of course communist thugs are hijacking this event and using it as a pretext for the wanton destruction of property and destabilizing of society. I hope force is used to crash down on communists. Communism has been responsible for more atrocity than any other ideology but because academia is so inflitrated with communists, its crimes against humanity have been exonerated. The only way to root communism out of society will be by collapsing academic institutions.
  3. WWII was a contractual war which Nazi Germany was antagonized into due to the calculated violence directed toward ethnic Germans in the autonomous city state of Danzig. This gave Great Britain Casus belli to use force against Germany and intiate a fratricidal war which Hitler didn't want. History is written by the winners and Allied propaganda is still as effective today as it was over seventy years ago. As for which german atrocities I believe to be fabriciated, I don't see why I should spell it out for you but surely you can guess? All I will say is, mundane delousing technology employed to counter a wave of typhus b in German labour camps has been transmogrified into atrocity propaganda that has almost become a secular religion.
  4. bryozoa


    Humans have altered the course of natural evolution, just not our own. We've domesticated and modified other organisms but are loathe to apply artificial selection to our own ever increasing luxuriant populations. I agree communism doesn't work but eugenics will. It's high time the writings of Charles Darwin's cousin, the neglected Francis Galton were revived into a neo-Galtonian synthesis which will underpin the eugenic society.
  5. Humanity is an aggressive species competing for living space. What I find even more offensive than war is the justification the victors often make for intiating war in the first place. Case in point being WWII. National Socialism and by default the entire German people were culpable for a war they didn't want with the Allies'. The Allied strategic carpet bombing of German cities and railroads necessitied the fabrication of reports of German atrocities to deflect attention away from the hardship and chaos the Allies' themselves had caused throughout Europe.
  6. bryozoa


    Eugenics is the only way to salvage humanity at this late point. The human race has for a long time been stagnating due to dysgenic selection. A new evolutionary mechanism is required to replace sexual selection which has shaped human evolution until now. Human females are still determining which male genes are transmitted to the next generation. Should something as important as this be left to female proclivity? Women are attracted to men with the most elaborate social ornamentation. When a human female selects a male to procreate with, heritable attributes such as agreeableness, conscientiousness and moral character rarely enter into the equation. Such qualities can be detrimental to human males in securing access to females. Men with elaborate social ornamentation but low moral worth have been out-competing virtuous men for centuries in securing access to women. Even more disturbing is the female predilection for 'bad-boys' and thugs. Could it be that humanity is such an aggressive species because women are still predominantly choosing to procreate with aggressive men? If women could be coerced into procreating with men who possess attributes such as above average intelligence, agreeableness, conscientiousness and introversion, the genetic stagnation of humanity may be halted. For this to happen there will have to be a rethink of reproductive ethics. Reproduction should be a privilege not a right and many suitable men will not have the chance to procreate because they are shunned by women. We already have selective breeding in society and always have done. Eugenics is simply correcting the mistakes nature makes by increasing the reproductive productivity of some members of society at the expense of others. Complusory sterilization will become regarded as the highest public duty for the preservation of the racial stock and will be generously incentivized. Communists advocate a planned economy so why not a planned population as well?
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