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  1. 😊 it was. Please if you know anyone that could help, please recommend
  2. This is a good idea. Would definitely look into it. Are you a scientist? The Corona virus has identifiers and that’s what is going to be looked at during the molecular investigation.
  3. Thank you for the help but I just used traditional mail as analogy
  4. I agree to an extent but That is if we are unable to get the immediate testing indicator feature added. Even at that, we can agree it help with mass testing
  5. Thank you for response. Challenge 1: It’s believed that molecular testing is one of the best methods to test the presence of the virus, and that can be done. That’s not the function of the device. The device helps to collect mass samples and help the efforts on testing. Not 100% plus close. 2. Obviously that’s an issue but there are labs that have devices that allow for mass sample testing because drive in testing is effective but difficult to cover 100,000 people. If there is no lab or device that can do the mass testing then there might be a problem. There will be collection centers or drop spot marked for people to just drop their samples. For instance, traditional mail is gotten and sent through mail box. So something like that.
  6. Great idea Thank you that’s why I said I need a microbiologist/biotech on the project. However in case of the color being too much of a complication, we can remove that feature and allow it to allow collect fluid and track the contact. That part is simple
  7. A strip would be added to the swab head so when the fluid touches the strip, it gives a color and like you said, it’s like a pregnancy test result. The accuracy of the result from the device cannot be ascertained immediately through the colors that is why the swab head is designed to hold the fluid from the person’s nose and throat and that swab head is taken to the lab by the agency in charge to investigate further and deliver the result. Thank you that’s a valid point but we would like to start with the clear symptom cases first. As regards area we start with the epicenter of the virus. Note: I want this device to be very simple and affordable like a toothbrush so everyone in that area could get one. From the information gotten from infected cases, we can identify potential areas that could have been infected before their discovery. So the registration in this case might be invalid, we would share the devices based on the information gotten from the infected cases. The device would test for Corona virus by collecting fluids from infected people and the fluids are taken to the lab for molecular testing which is the best form of investigation of the virus. So, the device is just a collecting device and a tracking device not necessarily testing. But it saves the trouble of drive in, and the lack of testing. Submitting the device for testing will be like the way the thrash collectors collect thrash I need someone to develop the device because the current solutions are not getting around a lot. This one is simple and it’s not necessarily a testing and tracking device but a collecting device to enable testing at the labs
  8. Hello If you're seeing this right now, I need to you take a look of this idea I conceived and give me your thoughts. Thank you.
  9. I do agree but with what I have in mind, Lab Investigation is definitely necessary and required for effectiveness but self-testing is the way to go for areas with dense population like countries in Africa.
  10. I noticed that self-testing is very hard to get in many parts of the world. Why is this so? I was still troubled by this question when numbers of cases in my country doubled but thankfully they are doing a good job in handling it but I’m afraid that the numbers might be artificial numbers. So I thought of a device and wrote all the specifications of the device and I have not found a single scientist that could develop the device. please who can help?
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