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  1. Yes and the best source to look for research is Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Professor MIT. In 1918 Spanish flu they would lay out patients in the sun not realizing that the sulfur from the sun changes as it goes through the skin into cholestrol sulfate and yes it does kill viruses. In fact, around every cell is a gel made up of cholestrol sulfate which is the means that all nutrients travel throughout the body. Many people, because they drink RO water add organic sulfur to their water. Another research was done on elecampane at Cork University showing it also kills MRSA and works to address lung issues. There is another research that has been hidden for twenty years and it is one on aloe vera. Aloe vera has to be stabilized in order to work pass four hours as most all people already know that use it for burns. What they did not realize is to stabilize, one has to cut gel out of plant and throw into the freezer to keep it stabilized. Dr. Reg McDaniel, YouTube spoke to the Colorado House where he shows the cells created by aloe are 400 times larger and the only thing they could name them is Gee cells. Wake Forest currently uses this technology to regrow body parts - another research you can view online. I was testing a product made from liquid pine trees and sent the product to Georgia to have the university test for glycans and it showed to have six out of the nine. I believe this is why vitamin c also shows to address viruses. The plants that vitamin c come from all are high in glycans.
  2. This link goes to Dr Stephanie Seneff Senior Professor MIT When the surgeons came to us and said they were loosing my daughter to a pneumonia nothing would touch, it was a sulfur drug that brought her out she was in ICU Dr seneff’s research has shown exactly what was happening A friend of my daughter who was in last year of medical school called and gave us the name of pneumonia and med, the pulmonary doctor said no way but we reminded him he said he was loosing her she came out but then it took weeks before they gave her glycans as she woke up Anyway if the elderly are on statins which block the liver from process of sulfates I don’t think they will see same results https://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/ The drugs Trump mentioned are too sulfur based
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