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  1. I'm basically trying to say that we are at the tipping point as to whether the governments save the planet we live on or prepare for Excursion, such as Donald trumps space force.
  2. No I'm saying that the government have two options , one is that they pull together and decrease pollution , the other is as I stated in the thread.
  3. Like the current covid 19 pandemic ? Thank you for the kind words No I'm pointing out that the governments ate currently doing so
  4. It may for you not be processed or interpreted as words. Maybe more so a structure of though which to create an understanding of purpose..
  5. Free will .... Free will .... Determinism. I'll start with talking the internal monologue which most of us think with and read to ourselves with. An inner monologue, also called self talk, inner speach, inner discourse or internal discourse, is a person's inner voice which provides a running verbal monologue of thoughts while they are conscious. It is usually tied to a person's sense of self. It is particularly important in planning, problem solving, self-reflection, self-image, critical thinking, emotions, and subvocalization (reading in one's head). It may reflect both conscious
  6. I am not a scientist. I'm a drop out ... but a creative , musician and thinker. Recently I have been thinking of the damage caused to the planet since the start of the industrial revolution and have been pondering on why in this day and age governments have not put a stop to it. Parallel to this I have always been interested by the thought of space, and in particular the mars rovers and the possibility of man one day being able to "venture where no man has before". These coinciding thoughts have previosly never gelled until I started looking into Mars atmosphere and rad (radiation) level
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