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  1. What do you think the long term evolutionary response to population control measures would be? I was thinking maybe one type of response would be like the octopi which will hibernate until the babies are hatched and then the mom dies. Or maybe evolutionary regression. Maybe our babies will walk away a few minutes after being born. Or a natural hormone secretion to make babies more desirable. I'm definitely curious about how China is forcing an evolutionary response. I think they did see some effects already which is why they relaxed the law there. That plus a whole lot of bitter single men with no mates. That'll end that in a quick hurry. Maybe it will change sexual behavior. What do you think?
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    Eugenics breeds away some really important qualities like will to live and ability to overcome diversity, desensitization to both physical and social pain. People with disability have to be stronger in other ways. Not only that but a specific physical weakness can strengthen other human characteristics and may even translate into a genetic strength over generations as compensation comes forward for a limitation. While a family might trend towards nearsightedness, they may have an enhanced sense of smell and as this genetic line intermingled with other people, other people can end up with a greater sense of smell and MAYBE a reduced chance of nearsightedness that goes with it. Disability seems horrible, right? I know the people that mercilessly try and diminish me with cerebral palsy positively drool over your assessment. The reality is that today I'm one of only a few women truck drivers and even fewer still that are disabled. This is probably the closest thing in the US to eugenics today. Throwback nazism. For all the boo hoo the "healthy" folk do about me driving, I am 20% over average income in my company. I also know how to poop in a toilet right and I'm not severely disabling obesity. I dont spread disease, not prone to accidents, safe record, no criminal record. Yet you think I dont even have a right to live and shouldn't be here. Dont you worry. For all the posts you see against you, there's plenty who believe in you. I've been sexually assaulted more than once. I've been stolen from by both people and employers. Laughed at. Yelled at. Talked down to. Life isnt easy for disabled people but I have some serious tenacity. Something "healthy" accepted people take pills to feel or never have. That's a valuable trait that I bring to the gene pool. Some day my offspring could be great soldiers or leaders or fearlessly going forth where most people would never dare specifically because of my serious hardcore desire to strive to overcome. That's what's missing in eugenics and why I dont believe in sterilization or forced abortion. The baby from the book, A Mother's Ordeal about Chinas one child policy. He was a powerful adaptation of humankind thrown in the trash like human waste. He survived a lethal injection to the brain for hours! Eventually people overcome even eugenics. Even people like you.
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