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  1. Hello, I've been plagued by a question for several days. Is there such a thing as a science chat? I'm looking for a chat where people write about their thoughts on the world, the science books they've read recently. I'm not looking for a forum, because I would like to talk to someone face to face, for example.
  2. Hello, I have a question. Recently, I read an interesting book, Short Answers to Big Questions, by Stephen Hawking. My question is this. Do you know any equally interesting books / authors on medical, chemical or biological topics?
  3. Hello, I've always been tired of a question. Suppose a person learns medicine, but is also interested in many other topics. Reads texts related to physics, astrology and geology. And my question is this. Can the brain be tired from the information overload? Can a large amount of information provided to the brain cause that we will start to forget things previously remembered? Will the brain make free space for new information in such cases? Thank you very much for any answer.
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