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  1. Does it have the ability to overturn some of those rocks? Not the meteor rocks, the native ones? To see what under it? Most critters are found that way 🙂
  2. Interested...everything I've seen so far, from past landings, suggest a cold, barren, lifeless, solar wind swept landscape. Perhaps the seas and lakes formulated JUST as Mars was exiting the "Goldilocks Zone". Therefore life was unable to get cooking like earth, as the planet went into deep freeze.
  3. ...that the building blocks of life are EVERYWHERE in the universe. In the dark void. In the solar winds. Perhaps in suspended animation. It just so happened that the other 8 planets are dead worlds. Whereas the seeds of life couldnt take hold on those desolate worlds, Earth was the one where it could flourish. That this same process is going on in other exo-solar systems? Its possibly nothing special about Earth, and that the seeds of life are all over space, the other 8 planets being unsuitable.
  4. I just watched a "Rise of the Continents" episode on Curiositystream? The Afrika episode? These episodes surprisingly veer off from geological events into paleontology and evolution :). According to the host, 100M years ago, as Pangea was splitting up, volcanic mountains rose up underwater. This displaced the water, resulting in a 300 meter rise in sea levels. There was mass flooding, and the host credits this with leading to the evolution of marine mammals. The Whale, at least.
  5. Thanks. Would you say that they all came from a common ancestor, or, by coincidence, different branches of these mammals took to the seas?
  6. I look at the variety. Whales, seals, orcas, manatees...then the semi-aquatics like the hippos, etc. Can assume that at one time in earth's history, there was more water around, than there already is? Forcing these branches of mammals into the water? Or was it by choice, to get food, or safety from predators?
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