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  1. Thanks for the links to the articles! I looked at what other things we could do with the carbon aside from feeding it to plants and many of the articles suggested we could pump it back into the earth but the drawback is it could leak. This article I found suggests there is material that converts co2 to solid carbon which would be easier to store underground reliably, https://cosmosmagazine.com/chemistry/scientist-turn-carbon-dioxide-into-coal-at-room-temperature
  2. Hi, Im new to the scientific aspects of climate change but interested in learning more about it from a scientific, math, as well as practical/solution oriented approach. Could anyone suggest a few good books on the topic? Would it just be best to learn physics and chemistry and then delve into more practical books? Thanks!
  3. Hi, Im new to this site and this topic but I understand sucking carbon out of the air and converting it to a solid has been talked about before and the limitations being that it costs a lot of energy. Is there a study about that I can learn about more? Or could someone elaborate on the feasibility and constraints of this? Thanks!
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