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  1. Quantum mechanical mishmash explanations of black body radiation are pointless. They do not depend upon objective data. My inability to repeat the mishmash is due to a desire not to waste time. I thank "Sensei" for his further illumination of the "laser cooling" theory. If you have stated before that the 3.6 eV 0f 365 nm black light could be combined with "already present 10.2 eV" to create 13.6 escape eV I might, at least, have understood your argument better. Two things I need to say about that. First the quantum dimensional model of electron orbitals is not the Bohr model. The lowest orbit is the "1s" with an electron voltage of "0.065 eV." I am using the shell/subshell model of electron orbitals which is used by the Periodic Table of Elements, not the Bohr model. Secondly, it is not only the subdivision of the root frequency by "22 "which creates fluorescence and cooling. It is also the subdivision of the root frequency by "32 "which fluoresces and cools. This is infrared at 820.3 nm with an electron voltage of 1.511 eV. I doubt if your theory can explain the fact that all direct subdivisions of the root frequency produce florescence and cooling. The simplest explanation is often the correct explanation.
  2. Only "Sensei" replied to my post outlining "our" negative radiation study with authentic Scientific vigor. (I say 'our" because it was conducted by the staff of the Snake River N-Radiation Lab. Now shut down due to lack of funding). "Sensei" seems to be arguing that the electron voltage of the blacklight photon stimulates a vaguely-described effect upon the cotton hydrogen bond such that laser cooling is initiate. Nice try. The problem is that bathing Cotton with legitimate negation-of-subdivision light does not produce the same cooling. This is true of Rydberg negations-of-subdivision which have greater then the 3,4 eV of 365 nm blacklight. For example, the (1-1/82 ) Rydberg negations-of-subdivision ultraviolet has 13.3875 eV (or -13.3875 eV if you are addicted to the Bohr model of "electrons falling between orbits to output light photons"). It seems to me that this greater electron voltage of the proposed photon should be even more capable of stimulating cotton bond molecules to the alleged laser cooling State. We do not find this to be true however. Rydberg negations-of-subdivision frequencies do not cause the molecule too cool.
  3. A set of coordinates don't define a field. At best they define the geometry of the field. Let's cut the BS ("the term Field describes a multi collection of values under a coordinate basis without necessarily a coordinate choice"). A field is composed as vectors of force. To describe the field requires that the geometry be quantized by these vectors of force. A field is composed a vectors of force.
  4. "Perhaps your daughter can show us the math." I suspect you do not understand how geometry works. It is built upon a set of propositions. Showing you some of these propositions for quantum dimensional geometry is showing you the math. As to refusing peer-reviewed science, I reject the charge. We have conducted two revolutionary experiments with significant outcomes based upon quantum dimensional mathematics. We have identified and measured the negative radiation predicted by Soliton nonlinear mathematics ("Negative radiation pressure exerted on kinks" Phys. Rev. D77:125012, 2008). We showed that the loss of temperature which occurs when 365 nanometer Black-Light bathes cotton. 365 nm is a direct sub-division of the root wavelength. The frequency does not represent a negation of subdivision orbital which the quantum requires. Since the quantum cannot provide the orbital energy, then energy from the nucleus must be supplied to reach the direct sub-divisional orbital and the molecule will cool. This energy is output as the florescence caused by the Black-Light. When quantum mathematics were applied to the energy lost via temperature drop, Planck's Constant was derived with an accuracy of seven thousand of a percentage point. It was discovered that, in a negative-radiation sensitive hydrocarbon molecule, the loss of temperature is a function only of Plancks Constant and the number of the hydrogen bonds in the molecule. What peer-reviewed Journal would you suggest I submit this study to?
  5. As to being an autodidact, my daughter was completely home-schooled. She did not enter a classroom until she entered College. She had the Second highest score in the State on the SAT and was a national merit scholar. When she entered a private college she was given a list of great books which she was told an educated person must read. She had already read half the books on the list. She is currently a PhD establishing a nursing major at NNU. Being an autodidact does not mean that I have "zero formal knowledge." I have tried to engage everybody in a serious discussion about Black body thermal radiation emissions.The Stefan–Boltzmann Law provides a constant as the solution to the calculus integral of the curve established by the the graph of wavelength to power output for Black body emissions at a specific temperature. Instead of serious discussions, I received only personal pejorative attacks without the slightest demonstration of the scientific competence which might make such attacks reasonable. As to the mathematics behind quantum-dimensional geometry, I give the following operational premises. A quantum is defined as a unit of distance which cannot be subdivided. The quantum is composed as two end points separated by vacuum. The quantum end-points must be separated by a force establishing the vacuum distance between them. The force establishing the quantum dimension is proposed to be a potential energy component existing in time. This is a new theory of time which provides a function for it. The quantum is unlike Euclidean distances which are established as structured distances. The quantum cannot be subdivided but can be differentiated by the negation of subdivision which takes the following form: "Q2 (1--1/n2) = quantum differentiated as a quantum-squared distance." This formula was first given by Jann Rydberg which predicted accurately the spectral lines for hydrogen. The quantum was the root wavelength of 91.143 nm. All other wavelength on the hydrogen spectrum were negations of subdivision for the root wavelength. The Rydberg formulation became the source for the electron orbitals used in the Periodic Table of Elements.The quantum-squared must integrate with a standard Euclidean dimension with a unit value equal to the quantum. The first corollary of quantum-dimensional geometry is that the derivative of a Euclidean unit of measure is always it's quantum value . For example the derivative of the area of a circle produces that diameter of the circle. The circle as a solid becomes a circle as a circumference line enclosing vacuum. The derivative of The area of a circle becomes it's quantum value. This works with other units of measure. The derivative of the volume of a sphere, for example, gives the area of the surface of the sphere, an area which circumscribes vacuum and is the quantum value.
  6. Can't talk about blackbodies, thermal radiation, and the Stefan–Boltzmann constant and how it was derived and how it is currently used. Doesn't fit the standards a Moderator whose knowledge of science is suspect.
  7. One at a time. To Phi for All:."Hustle us past the problems so we don't see them. Without the maths, you have no model." I have written five books on the topic. Quantum Dimensional Mathematics are rather complex for introduction in a forum Post. The most in-depth treatment of quantum-dimensional physics is in the book "Four Dimensional Atomic Structure." The best intro to quantum-dimensional mathematics is the booklet "The Quantum Dimensional Review of Einstein vs. Newton." Both may be reviewed on Amazon. To Strange: "However, as you say, the absorption/emission properties are measured so even if you had a different underlying model for that, it would not change its measured behaviour as a greenhouse gas." the amount of CO2 absorption was not measured. Only the return thermal radiation was measured. Return thermal radiation is a curve established by temperature and which must be integrated to determine total amounts of thermal radiation Power. This is established by the Stefan Boltzmann Law (Google it) which reduces the integral to a constant (Stefan Boltzmann Constant) times a function of temperature and another variable called "emissivity." Emissivity is a factor between zero and one, meaning the Stefan Boltzmann determination of total Power output by thermal radiation at a specific temperature must be reduced by a percentage. Although "emissivity" has been proposed to be a function of the radiating material, it was first measured as a function of temperature. It is explained by the quantum-dimensional model of the nucleus and its capacity to output thermal radiation .See "Four Dimensional Atomic Structure.."
  8. Quantum four-dimensional geometry has taken 10 years to develop mathematically and to apply to atomic physics. It is based upon data such as the Rydberg quantum formula for the light spectrum of hydrogen, which became the model for the shell/subshell system of orbitales used in the Periodic Table of Elements. Quantum-Dimensional Mathematics have also provided a much more precise model of the nucleus, one which is likely to be rejected out of hand because it is so foreign to current thoughts. However, the nuclear model should be considered because it identifies a bonding function for neutrons which is completely lacking in current confused understandings. The model proposes that heat is conducted by the electron bonds and stored and output as thermal radiation from the nucleus. This contrasts with the current theory that heat is conducted by molecular bonds and stored by the agitation of nuclei within the molecule. The model is confirmed by the non-understood factor "e" in the Stefan-Boltzmann equation as well as a study by MIT which showed that an electrically pumped LED could show greater power output then electrical power input. The needed energy for over unity was provided by certain temperatures but not others. The quantum-dimensional model of the nucleus accurately predicted what temperature would provide over unity and why. The nuclear model can also challenge the CO2 as a greenhouse gas presumption.Carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas is central to those who believe in catastrophic, human-caused climate change. The premise that CO2 operates as a greenhouse is built upon the measurement of carbon dioxide gas as having blackbody characteristics. That is, carbon dioxide can absorb radiation and radiate it back as thermal radiation. It is argued that the 400 PPM CO2 in the atmosphere absorbs thermal radiation from the earth, radiating it back and, thus preventing the earth’s cooling by restricting thermal radiation escaping into space. The increase in man-caused CO2 levels is said to increase the amount of retained earth temperature to catastrophic levels.This greenhouse gas model, however, Is plagued by an incorrect model of the way that atoms absorb and radiate back heat. The quantum-dimensional model shows that the infrared wavelengths of thermal radiation retain a great proportion of the heat in the nucleus. CO2 may not radiate much of the captured heat back to earth. Perhaps a debate upon consensus climate change might be the best way to introduce quantum-dimensional mathematics and physics. PS I am not a climate-change denier
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