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  1. A solution to the double slit experiment with a new variation of the experiment to cross check is verifiable/science.
  2. An amendment to the introduction/abstract of my paper of the Unified Field Theory explaining resistance is what leads to time and mass. The more resistance the more time and weight...in 3 dimensions. The field described here provides a foundation which makes for clear simple logical explanations of gravity, electromagnetism, quantum entanglement, light, matter, teleportation, radio waves, radiation with the underlying principle being that everything we perceive is essentially vibrations/energy passing through the field. The field is a flexible fabric made up of quantum balls/particles connected by quantum string which are invisible at rest becoming visible when excited by vibrations/energy. The most direct hitting vibration ie. light moves almost seamlessly exciting each quantum particle as it passes. When watched it appears as a particle moving but it is not the particle rather the vibration which is moving through the quantum particles. With more energy/vibration the field begins to experience resistance leading to a stretch in the fabric leading to mass and time, time is directly proportional to mass in three dimensions. Because time has been percieved as one dimensional, (forward moving) observations have reflected only one time dimension but as this field provides a logical and verifiable explanation for the double slit experiment (also on this website with a new variation on the double slit experiment allowing us to cross check) a more complete picture is now possible. (Amended 12/07/2019 to clarify the effect of resistance and mention the new variation of the double slit experiment)
  3. Time dilation is directly proportional to matter (more mass more time) as we see and like matter time is directly proportional in 3 dimensions. Time dilation is directly proportional to matter (more mass more time) as we see and like matter time is directly proportional in 3 dimensions.
  4. That is the reason why the double slit experiment is seen as holding the key to the central problem of quantum physics. Because watching or not makes all the difference
  5. The existing evidence is focused on only one time dimension so of course it may appear conclusive. That's the whole point. It is not factoring in different time dimensions. Again I say run the variation of the experiment and prove me wrong. If you can. Giving me negative marks already shows negative bias, not open minded science. Proving a new model of the experiment is wrong would be science. Saying it is wrong before trying it is exactly the same mindset as the flat Earthers and it certainly did happen, it took a further 2000 years after the Greeks proved the world was round for most others to get their heads around the fact because they were too busy saying how ridiculous it was to take a look... Same happening here. What I mean by when recorded is when watched.
  6. If someone has access to a lab please do this variation on the double slit experiment to show that what is affecting the result is different time dimensions. Rather than record using slits run the experiment like this. Have the wall facing the laser made from light sensitive material and 4 extra walls coming out at angles say 135° from the main wall (similar to reflectors on photographic shoot lighting) these also made from light sensitive material. The angle should be relational to the distance from the laser so these walls central point is the same distance from the laser as the main wall facing the laser directly. Run the experiment to watch the photons and again not watching the electron. I predict when recorded to watch the photon only the direct facing wall will show impacts from the photon and it appears like a single photon. When not watching the photon all 5 walls will show areas of impact. Showing that like the double slit the photon is always only one part of a vibrational wave. The part of the wave with the strongest vibration usually perceived as a single particle will leave the most intense mark on the wall but the wave will continue out in all directions hitting the other walls appearing also as particles but arriving in other time dimensions so not usually noticed. when watching we are only seeing whats happening in the first time dimension. When not watching we will see results from all time dimensions. The full theory of why and how this works is on https://doubleslitsolution.weebly.com/double-slit-experiment-paper.html
  7. Au contraire the experiment as I explain I am confident will show I am correct but by all means prove me wrong.
  8. That's the perceived wisdom but the double slit experiment shows otherwise, it shows that photons are NOT single interactions, they appear so when recorded in "real time" but behave differently when not recorded what I am saying is it can only be detected as such because we can only record in real time in the first time dimension. So we are not seeing what is happening in the other two time dimensions. If you imagine a swimming section of a triathlon you have a group of swimmers if you focus a camera only on the lead swimmer you cannot see that there is a group of swimmers behind, you either need to change the camera angle, focus or aim either way to see what is happening. Im saying you need to change your thinking, are you able to IMAGINE other time dimensions? That would be a start, if you insist I am wrong without trying to understand the concept you will be, like the flat Earthers were, stuck wasting time because "it was clearly nonsense that the world could be round". If anyone has access to a lab please try the walls at angles as I suggest not recording the photon live so the end result will show the impacts on the other walls which will be arriving in the other time dimensions. If you record to watch the photon you will not see impact marks on the other walls as you will be recording in the first time dimension. If recording live in the first time dimension the vibration (photon) will indeed appear like a single particle.
  9. Am finding nothing about extra walls at angles in photoelectric effect, again ..... your point? What I am seeing is that the experiments on this showed unexpected results which seemed to go contrary to their percieved logic. Perhaps you will see the same -unexpected results- if you do the experiment as I suggest.
  10. Ok fair enough, I missed that. Anyone else like to do the extra walls of photon sensitive material at angles and rub that in my face too. Please do.
  11. Look at minute 6:30 if it is only travelling forward and not part of a wave how can it be recorded..... anybody getting that AHA moment yet??? Please someone!
  12. Because it was the best model they could come up with at the time. They all still agree much of quamtum physics DOESN'T seem to make sense. Thats why they have been looking for a Unified FIELD Theory NOT a new mathematical model as someone suggested, a Field Theory that makes sense of the knwon mathematics. The extra wall method I explain will prove it. Obviously we can!!! Lol. The videos are there on youtube.
  13. As I clarified earlier in the thread whatever is used a laser or photon gun whatever. No I have never seen it done live in a lab what is you point? The fact I can understand it (and solve it though you guys cant grasp that yet) shows I don't need to see it live or be in the lab. Again what is your point? I cant understand it because I never studied science at University? You must be cleverer than me because you saw it done in a lab? Oh please... there really is too much academic snobbery, people stuck in outdated theory that doesnt make sense and not enough common sense going on in general.
  14. To show the photon is a part of a wave, if each wall has a "photon" hit it it shows it is not a single particle but one point in a wave, not mirrors photon sensing material like used on the back wall in the original experiment. If there are no spaces like in the slits then yes the wave will be absorbed, if there are spaces the wave will pass through. Thats exactly where traditional scientific thinking is wrong. If you can do the experiment go on try and prove me wrong that you will only get one point of impact, I guarantee you will get one on each extra wall. Go on try to prove me wrong. And to illustrate the point, we see light "photons" recorded at a trillion frames a second and more on youtube videos. If the photon is not a part of a wave and travelling forward only how can we see it from the side? Think about it.....
  15. Another way to show it is the point of impact of a wave is to add more walls at angles for example 4 walls joined to the first wall facing the laser/photon gun one to the left one to the right one one on top one on the bottom all at angles for example135° between the wall directly facing the laser and the laser itself. A shape similar to reflectors on a photographic shoot lighting. After firing a number of photons each wall will have a pattern of hits around a general circular point. For every photon fired there will be a photon hitting each wall, 5 points of impact one on each wall for each photon fired. Showing it is a wave of vibration travelling out in all forward directions. If the scene with the slits is what you call the front wall then yes, if it is not made from photon sensing material try making it so. You don't even need slits to test using the extra walls at angles if they are all made from photon sensing material. Thanks matter amended to light, regardless of what terminology you use it is vibration just like all matter as you will surely see when the experiment is set up with extra walls at angles. Time I am sure will show Tesla was much more correct than you thought and not at all the crazy history paints him as. Rather the opposite. . First diagram shows blank wall with circular areas we would expect the photons to hit, for the back wall if there were no feont wall. The second shows the hits when recorded to see which slit the photon passes through. The third shows the pattern when not recorded. A rough drawing of the extra walls and where I expect the wave to impact each, one hit on each wall for every photon fired. if you do it with 8 walls at angles to the full facing wall you will get 8 areas of points of impacts along with the main wall. If 16 extra walls 16 areas one on each etc. A rough drawing of the extra walls and where I expect the wave to impact each, one hit on each wall for every photon fired. if you do it with 8 extra walls at angles to the full facing wall you will get 8 areas of points of impacts along with the main wall. If 16 extra walls 16 areas one on each etc.