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  1. Channels like, "It's Okay To Be Smart" and "Physics Girl" are usually humorous and hard to take seriously. I would not recommend them if you want a serious lecture. Channels like Fermilab and Veritasium are good for more complicated lectures and in-depth explanations of concepts rather than quick overviews of them. Other than that, I am looking for interesting channels that go into depth myself. If you have any suggestions, please reply to this comment with your favorite science channels.
  2. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness but never baptised. To them, baptism means a life-long commitment to the Watchtower and Tract Society, the official name of their business. They condemn free thinking1 and refuse to budge on their positions. This is all fine for those who would prefer a life laid out for them, but I feel that their discouragement of higher education2 is the main reason that chldren raised within the organization become fully indoctrinated adults. The religion is not well known for its tribalist views and practice of shunning. I was lucky enough to have my father leave the organ
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