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  1. I’ve read this thread and can relate very much. I sit in my cube bored af and if I focus on it, I can make my brain have this tickling sensation that feels really good just in my head. This feeling is just in my head and I get no tingling in anywhere else but just my head unlike others in here who have body tingling. Like others have said I can keep the feeling going for a few minutes but then have to stop because I’m afraid of what could happen if I keep the feeling going. It makes me feel good and I do it when I’m bored, sometimes I feel the urge coming on and I can just focus the feeling to make it stronger and make it feel good. Best explanation I have for the feeling is it just feels like I’m tickling my brain which feels like that moment you go over the top of a roller coaster not the good stomach feeling but the good instant feeling you have in your head. Or maybe the start of an LSD trip how your mind feels ticklish but not the amazing stomach feeling. Glad to know I’m not the only one and there are others that share a similar sensation. Just started messing around with the feeling right now. The good feeling sensation is more in the front of my head like right behind my forehead/frontal lobe.
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