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  1. Justice is the subjective idea of what one deserves for something they have done or what has been done to them.
  2. Checking back, a year later, as I see some people know exactly the feeling I'm talking about. I have however found nothing conclusive, only speculations. Some think it's like a voluntary release of adrenaline, or manipulating the nervous system etc. I found one post that claimed to have ran some tests aswell: "I have been practicing western medicine for 30 years and for a change also just completed my masters in Oriental Medicine (2014). [We] have for years used different equipment to play with my "ability" while in the ER/OR/Office while no patients: PulseOX, EEG, EKG, spirometry.Th
  3. I guess it does have many similarities with what many people claim to experience in meditative states, although I have never had any experience with meditation. I've seen some claims of "warm energy" moving through the body in certain meditation state but I wonder if there are any observable signs of something like this, could be just some kind of meditative hallucinations? I do remember reading a study where Buddhist monks were put into MRI to meditate and the blood flow in their brains monitored, but I guess this would be something else. Or perhaps it really is some kind of voluntary ve
  4. Yes it is very different from that. It feels more like deep inside and really warm. So I can see why people would identify it as some kind of meditational energy.
  5. So I've had this "ability" to make my body, especially legs and hands, to have this weird tingling/electrified feeling at will. It is a rather pleasant feeling, and the longer I "hold" it, the more intense it gets. I can feel myself taking deeper breaths while experiencing it and also a raise in heart rate. I would say it gets the most intense in feet, and least in upper body and head. It feels like actual heath in the part of body I'm feeling it. I've had it as long as I can remember but never really thought about it or tried it that much, but today I started thinking about it, googled i
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