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  1. If it isn't water molecules, then what is causing people's throats to swell and blister? Maybe that could be confused for anaphylaxis. Also why aren't they reacting to their saliva, since we're told saliva is 99.5% H2O..
  2. That scientists are wrong about immunology since scientists say a small molecule like water cannot trigger IgE immune mast cell receptors but this girl and several others refute that. The Heidi girl in question saw an immunologist at Birmingham Children's Hospital and the immunologist confirmed she was allergic to the H2O molecule, not to additives in water. It is mentioned toward the end of the freelibrary article. The immunologist is named and I looked him up and can confirm he's a real immunologist in the UK.
  3. If it isn't an allergy why did she go into shock from drinking a mouthful of water and this was reversed with adrenaline? She was also IV'd with saline and had the same reaction in hospital. Says so in the freelibrary article here https://www.thefreelibrary.com/JUST+ONE+CUP+OF+WATER+COULD+KILL+LITTLE+HEIDI%3B+Girl's+deadly+allergy...-a061152595
  4. She is OK drinking H2O as long as it's mixed with something and in lower concentration - orange juice and milk bring her no harm when she drinks them. At the time of the article when she was 8, it said she drinks 4 glass of milk or OJ a day.
  5. Because there's people who can be allergic to semen, for example, and even gold so how is the H2O molecule different? There's dozens of cases where they themselves explain they cannot drink water.
  6. https://socialnewsdaily.com/75296/woman-possesses-fatal-water-allergy/ It says she is allergic to the H2O molecule in this article.
  7. If not an allergy, why did Heidi go into shock from drinking a sip of water, and why was it reversed with adrenaline? That type of shock is anaphylactic shock and it is by medical definition a ''severe and life threatening allergic reaction''. Can you explain her internal symptoms? (Which are a lot worse than external contact with water) According to some posts I read, it's either because there's fewer H2O molecules in orange juice or the other stuff mixed in masks the H2O molecules from the IgE receptors
  8. If you're having IgE response to the H2O molecule, then her own saliva should be causing anaphylaxis every time she swallows it considering she said a sip of water sent her into shock.
  9. https://www.thefreelibrary.com/JUST+ONE+CUP+OF+WATER+COULD+KILL+LITTLE+HEIDI%3B+Girl's+deadly+allergy...-a061152595 Look up Heidi Falconer, she is very real.
  10. How do you explain this case where this girl went into anaphylactic shock from taking just a mouthful of water by accident? https://www.thefreelibrary.com/JUST+ONE+CUP+OF+WATER+COULD+KILL+LITTLE+HEIDI%3B+Girl's+deadly+allergy...-a061152595 She needed to be injected with adrenaline to prevent death.
  11. This girl appeared on Montrel and here's a detailed article here - https://www.thefreelibrary.com/JUST+ONE+CUP+OF+WATER+COULD+KILL+LITTLE+HEIDI%3B+Girl's+deadly+allergy...-a061152595 Note it says she goes into shock if she drinks just a ''mouth full'' of water.. so how come she is not reacting to swallowing her own saliva?
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