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  1. is the matter wave phase speed(c^2/v) and the speed to calculate the relativity of simultaneity in SR(t-x/(c^2/v) ) same one? if not, stop here. if yes, then we could talk about the frequency of matter wave.
  2. my assertion: Et' = h/2π here t' is time period of relativity of simultaneity. this is the only assertion I made. 1)according to matter wave theory. E = hω/2π, so 1/t' is angular frequency of matter wave ω. 1/t' = ω 2)according to SR, the speed to calculate the relativity of simultaneity is c^2/v, t-x/(c^2/v) 3)calculate the simultaneity space for t' , s = t'c^2/v = c^2h/2πEv = c^2h/2πmc^2v = h/2πmv= h/2πp, this space length is angular matter wavelength, so if my assertion is right, t' is time period of relativity of simultaneity, then matter wave frequency fo
  3. according to my assertion, matter wave wavelength formula and frequency formula are not independent, is it prediction?
  4. that's my point. single-particle interference is caused by simultaneity, not wave. if simultaneity exists, the single particle will logical pass two slits, not actual. so we never see it.
  5. the relativity of simultaneity and matter wave have same speed c^2/v, it is hard to believe there is no relation between them.
  6. not this logic, if time of relativity of simultaneity is quantized, because its speed is c^2/v, so space is quantized for moving particle. it is matter wave length.
  7. time is not quantized, the time of relativity of Simultaneity is quantized. according SR, relativity of Simultaneity is coming with moving particles. in SR, relativity of Simultaneity is only related with event, you are right. so I ask this question, what if it is not discontinues? if yes, it is related with energy of different particles. then we get the frequency of matter wave.
  8. Et' = h/2π t' = h/(2π E) Assume t' is the time of relativity of simultaneity, use speed of relativity of simultaneity to calculate the space. t'c^2/v = hc^2/(2πEv) = hc^2/(2πmc^2v = h/mv2π = h/p2π
  9. t' is different by E. so wave length is t'*c^2/v, different for two particles if their E are different. pia = 3.1415926... I do not know how to input it here.
  10. take noncommutability of energy and time. [E, t] = Et-tE = i h/2pia it could have Et' = h/2pia. here t' is a time. but not part of t because of i. so t' could only be a time period of relativity of simultaneity in SR. there is no other time in SR. 1/t' is the frequency of matter wave. in SR, relativity of simultaneity = x/(c^2/v) then we could use c^2/v calculate the matter wave length directly. if you are sensitive, you know I am right somewhere.
  11. if relativity of simultaneity is quantized, we will get the matter wave. They have same speed c^2/v, if speed is 0, no matter wave and no relativity of simultaneity.
  12. Is it already in relativistic QM or quantum field theory? or QM is already relativistic, but SR is not quantized?
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