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  1. My apologies, I don't quite understand what you are saying. I started from the current state of the universe, then worked down to the super singularity.
  2. I started from the top then went down. So I began with the big picture and thought about what resulted in the different strokes. The only ongoing process that is widespread and powerful enough to account for inflation is the stars and other objects that output energy into the universe. The more people/energy waves in a city/universe, the more volume is needed to accommodate them.
  3. There is a great difference between what the science community has already done the math for and the dots that I propose. Remember, unlike anything you mentioned, the dots are the smallest common denominator, the individual pieces of the universe. It could never be detected or measured. The usual approach will not work for dots. The only way to explain the dots is to start from the top, then go down. The first step needed is a formula that shows the relation of matter to energy conversion /WITH/ the volume of space. This will show a direct connection between the two. As the amount of matter decreased, the amount of space increased. Please I beg you all to help me create this math.
  4. Alas, this is why I reach out to you fine gentlemen. My own mind has limitations and I recognize this fact. The nature of a dot being the smallest denominator, in which all human machines are many factors larger and exist upon the dots, the dots could never be detected or interacted with, but a dot can be mathematically described without a specific size assigned to it. The dots do not have their own energy, they only relay energy. All energy waves move from dot to dot, and so does matter. Matter is not located between the dots, matter moves from dot to dot like waves. However, matter moves within space/energy waves. Matter is trapped energy points. Due to the nature of matter, it moves from dot to dot much slower than energy waves, unless it is a high speed particle or similar in which it's properties as matter begin to resemble energy. E=MxC2 is still correct in my model.
  5. Yes there is a center. How does that screw with observed truths? The end result of my scenario results in what we see today, which is a bunch of heavenly bodies continuing to move away from each other, unless they are close enough for gravity to attract them. I believe the universe is made up of the single most common denominator, aka a bunch of "dots". Much like water molecules transfer energy among each other, electromagnetism is transferred through space via the dots. """So how can radiation pressure ( energy waves ? ) be responsible for expansion ?""" The more energy being released into space, the more space there is. As energy is added, there is a compression wave of sorts that becomes more diluted the further away it travels. I will go into more detail in a little while. We will never know the size, of the dots, but they lack their own volume, and mass. The energy the dots possess would be similar to the energy water molecules experience from a wave. Nothing can form a dot. I believe the same amount of dots exist today as in moment 001.
  6. Actually, the BB is the same mechanism as inflation/expansion. However, naming an era of the inflation with the moniker BB seems reasonable. Within our local group, the distance between heavenly bodies causes gravity wells to have a greater effect than inflation. At such small distances, there is not enough energy waves being sent out by said heavenly bodies to slow the gravitational attraction. Blue/red shifts would still take place normally. """Please show me how any space expansion is occurring if we observe it moving towards us?""" The gravitational attraction of the local group is way larger than the inflation taking place between them, so the inflation would not be noticed until proper math is used. """gain, regions of heavy mass/energy densities, has the effects of gravity overcoming, or decoupling us from the overall large scale expansion of space.""" Totally agree! Literally what I just stated. It is possible that the initial light was being reabsorbed early on, which would result in little to no light waves being sent out. When I say "went dark" I do not mean totally dark, I mean darker than it was. How can you claim that there was no "went dark" era, when it has been shown to be true? """No, DE is not being emitted by stars of any sort.""" Can you provide another ongoing process in the universe that is evenly distributed, and powerful enough to account for DE, other than stars? """DE is simply what is causing space to expand""", correct, and I have actually proposed a logical solution as to what DE is. """000, or even 0""" I use "000" because it matches all moments of of to 999 nicely in a list. It is a way to avoid confusion. I do not believe in infinite, except for perhaps pertaining to the super singularity at moment 000. Infinity is absurd to me. A black hole is simply dense matter at the center, there is nothing special happening with a black hole, and it does not have any infinite properties. A dot is the single most common denominator of the universe. The number of dots is not infinite, but a larger number than we could describe. In order for energy and matter to be able to interact and exist, there must be a medium to move about and interact within. Energy waves are transferred from dot to dot, which is why the speed of light is throttled. Light can only move as fast as the time it takes for one dot to transfer it's energy to another. Energy is the wave, matter is the rock. I have admitted early on that my math skills are lacking, so a mathematical descriptive for a dot could not be provided by myself. Actually, due to a dot being the smallest denominator, we will never be able to detect them with machines, which are an insane amount of factors larger in scale. The only way to detect something, is to bounce energy off it and see how the energy that came back was changed, but a dot could never be reached in such manner. Do you think we are pulled to the Earth, vs pushed to the Earth via space? Imagine a marble inside a loaf of bread. Then imagine yourself appearing on the surface of the marble. The bread near you is now pushing you to the marble, and the marble has force exerted onto it from all directions via the bread. If I am correct, people would still say "There is not enough space in the car for another person". The definition of space would not change, even though I claim that space is overlapping energy waves, it is still a void from our human perspective. Just because the nature of space is understood, does not mean the usage of the word would change. I would love to make changes, like before, I don't know how the super singularity broke apart, or if it is still doing it's thing or if there is a void where it once was. I could be wrong about everything else. The one thing I am certain of is that there is only one ongoing process in the universe that can account for continued inflation, and that is the energy being released by not just the galaxies of stars, but also pulsars and nebula. I love to admit when I am wrong, it means I learned something. I believe DE is the energy released by heavenly bodies which is space itself.
  7. That is how the first moments were. Once there were enough dots releasing their own energy waves from all directions, a more familiar model of expansion takes over. Whether all dots separated at the same time, or progressed outward at a constant or changing rate, the point of my model remains the same, dark energy is the continued addition of space by means of the energy waves released by stars. During moment 000, heat potential was present, but heat could not technically exist due to there not being any dimension for heat to function as transferable energy such as atomic movement. Due to the lack of movement, the super singularity was absolute zero, literally the only point at which absolute zero can exist. Absolute zero can only exist at moment 000. This is a very good point. The density of the dots would have been insane. Way more dense than, but similar to a star. The energy released from friction, and fusion, can keep light waves contained within a star for a long time. What many do not understand or think about is that, light waves created from within a star, are absorbed,converted, and re-emitted over and over, in a way bouncing around within the star, so the version that finally escapes into space is not the same as when it was first generated. This means that light may not have been able to travel early on, like it does today, but it was still generated in huge amounts. I don't quite understand that last part, "infinite in possible extend." If that math is correct, do we both agree that light was being generated? I understand the definition, and if my model is correct, the definition of "space" would not change. Does a water transporter not calculate the volume of water needed to be delivered? If all oranges began talking, they would still be called oranges. Space is a medium of waves. I am not asking you to believe me, I am asking you to envision what I am saying without the reservations of webster's dictionary being placed at my feet. I personally would not use a word unless I understood it's true nature. I am the new guy, the dude surrounded by flat Earthers. I need someone to provide a formula that shows the relation between the amount/rate of matter that has been converted to energy *WITH* the amount/rate of space inflation/expansion. That alone will prove my theory correct. I am not anyone special, just want to help the world any way I can. That rock is in a moving universe. The time piece that is used to measure the time is moving. You missed the main point, which was if "ALL" motion stopped, like it was in moment 000, in which time did not exist, or could be considered as froze, absolute zero. At no point have I ignored the definitions. You translated my currently unpopular scenario into me not being well versed in the terminology, and that is not fair. Agreed, wave energy/space is not a fabric, but "fabric" is an accepted way to depict space, much like "volume", "matrix", "reservoir", "collection", or "pool". Can we please move past the stage of nitpicking the new guys method of conveyance and get to the fun stuff? I am so glad to be conversing with actual science guys. I can tell you are actually paying attention and can grasp my model. Firstly, my apologies if I confused "point" with "dot". I only mean to use "point" when referring to the single point occupied by the super singularity. "Dots" is what I call the individual pieces of the singularity in the simple 27 dot model. Ok, my theory could have went down in two ways. A) The super singularity of all of the universes insane amount of dots began seperating from eachother at the same time while moving outward like an explosion. This would result in little or nothing being left at ground zero. B) Dots were released from the super singularity at an uncertain rate, likely due to a lack of room, much like the situation light was facing early on. -sub-Ba) Singularity eventually evaporated most of it's dots, perhaps with some left behind in a left over black hole. -sub-Bb) Singularity is still evaporating dots to this day. Each would result in matter coalescing into what we see today. I believe that the universal center has familiar objects, but a great deal less. The reason being is because all of the dots were moving away from ground zero, but enough time has passed for black holes and galaxies to have ended up passing through, and perhaps there is a smaller super singularity of dots still at ground zero, beginning to pull in some of the already released dots nearest to it. Perhaps this will lead to a big crunch. If matter and energy gets pulled back in, this would create a siphon effect and a percentage, if not all of the universe will fall back into a next generation super singularity. This may be the reason for the great attractor or super voids. Once the math to my theory is processed, the universal center, (ground zero), will be pinpointed. This is why not accepting that space is energy waves will only serve to hinder ones ability to grasp what I am explaining. Moment 000 - No space, so no dimension. All dots occupy the same single point. The point is not round, it lacks shape, it simply just is. There is nothing surrounding this point. Moment 001 - The first dots have moved outward in the first ever frame of time. The space that has come into existence between the dots, are the first energy waves that each dot has released, the first waves in the universe ever. Waves exert a pressure, loosely similar to a compression wave. That pressure is why space appears to be a vacuum, instead of coalescing into something similar like a gas cloud with larger bits and pieces. So each wave moving away from each dot, overlaps the wave that is moving away from a neighboring dot. The reason light speed is at a fixed rate is because it is sorta throttled by how long it takes for one dot of space to transfer wave energy to a neighboring dot, the smallest, most common denominator of time, aka one frame. The universe works in ticks, however, the ticks of the universe are so short, that humans could never develop the means to make such small measurements, similar to how we will never see the universes individual dots. As far as we are concerned, the dots and frames are so small that it all acts like a fluid, no matter how close we examine it. The expansion would not be negated due to gravity wells, it simply happens less in them areas. Regions of space with lots of gravity wells with little energy waves being emitted by stars, expands less because there is very little around to emit energy waves, which is space. How exactly was I wrong? I said, "Then when the universe cooled and went dark, expansion slowed.", which is what you basically just said, """Expansion slowed and continue to slow up until around 5 billion years ago""". Nothing like being told you are wrong, then said person repeats what you already stated, only more detailed. This is called straw man tactics. "DE" dark energy is literally what my theory explains. Dark energy is the energy being emitted into space by objects such as stars. Energy waves is space. Space is made up of energy waves moving in all directions. """Not at all.""" Really? I said, "Motion is the strict requirement for time to pass. " So if everything in the universe stopped moving, including chemical and nuclear reactions and atomic movement, time is still ticking? Pulsars are not doing anything, neither are watches. All external and internal viewers can no longer "view" because their instruments, and their own bodies are no longer doing anything in order to detect anything. In this situation, there is absolute zero, and time has froze. If it continued to be froze, time would not exist. Moment 000 was absolute zero, even though all of the potential of the universe was located in one single point. """Time more accurately is simply the intervals between sequential events.""" Oi! I can't wait for you all to stop quoting me webster's. I totally understand A to B. Because my model is unpopular, I must not dun much of dat book learnin diddnt I? Where did you get that from? Most physicists believe for a fact that singularities exist. A dense clump of matter trapped within a gravity well is a must for a universe with space exerting force on matter from all directions. There comes a point when, if there is enough matter located in one clump, there is also enough space surrounding it that space can push harder per square inch and condense the matter into a much smaller, and compact super fluid like state. To everyone else, this is speculation, but I know it is true because I can see it work in my head beautifully. The only aspect of my model that seems unorthodox is that energy waves are what space is constructed of. Energy waves are the dark energy. Everything else in the standard way of thinking remains untouched. Math and physics would not need to be altered much if this model became a standard. This theory does not "debunk" anything, and was never the intention. This simply explains the nature of inflation, expansion, and dark energy. All three explained in a simple way without detracting from the modern model, only filling a gap. Once one of you does the math, and it looks promising, we will finally have dark energy solved, and each of you will have played a role. I appreciate all of you for tossing questions at me, some which I had yet to consider.
  8. A volume can not exist without a medium. A volume must be constructed of something. Agreed, in a way. A spherical wave propagating outward from a rock thrown into a pond is the byproduct of the transfer of energy from molecule to molecule. The energy itself lacks mass, yet it exerts a force, so it occupies the universe. It is not a tangible substance, but it can be measured and interacted with. Energy is not only the ability to perform work like getting from A to B, it is also the fabric of space. Motion is the strict requirement for time to pass. If the super singularity did not begin to change it's state, time would not have existed. I believe you are envisioning time in the current state of the universe. Yes, right now, we could stand still in a room with nothing moving, and time will pass, but everything else is moving, Earth is moving around the sun, within the spiral galaxy, and the galaxies are moving. If all movement stopped of every kind. The entropy would not increase, effectively freezing time.
  9. Please elaborate. Glad you asked. There is the probability factor to keep in mind also, which is what makes this a chore to express in words. Lets reduce the initial super singularity down to a dot, surrounded by 26 dots in the shape of a cube. There is no space between them, so all 27 dots are one point in space at moment zero. Lets also imagine each dot as the individual sands in a bucket, or the water molecules of a pond. This would dictate that the entire contents of the universe consists of fundamental dots/pixels/smallest common denominator. Without dimension, all dots would be located in the same single point. Now, because space does not yet exist, there is no external pressure keeping the super singularity together, so it began to explode/divide in an almost perfect spherical explosion. Keep visualizing the 27 dot model. Moment 000, all dots occupy the same single point. Moment 001, 26 dots are now located one frame away from the center dot in an almost perfectly surrounded distribution around the center dot. This would be the first frame of the motion picture, the smallest unit of measurement possible, smaller than planck. Now dimension exists. Time is not technically a dimension, it is a fourth variable, only an account of the movement from A to B within space. In order for the dots to have been able to thin out, something needed to be created between them, which was energy in the form of electromagnetism. The super singularity did not have heat energy at moment 000 because everything was a single point, but the heat potential was present. As moment 001 switched to 002 and beyond, the heat energy released as it increased, resulting in more space between dots. We all know that the universe began very bright, then went dark until the stars began to glow. Now, how can waves of energy be space? Well, energy does not move through or ride on space, because energy is space. Only matter moves through space. Yes, matter is energy, but bound together in a local region. Matter is much like a rock thrown into a pond. Envisioning this reality is hindered with the old way of thinking that energy is moving through something other than other energy. I will stop here and tackle the points Strange brought up. Thanks yall!
  10. Hooray! Someone interested in the topic. Gotta say, two negative points is a good way to feel welcomed. I would never dish out negative points in the first place, it is childish and a method of bullying. An energy wave is any form of energy propagation through a medium. In this instance the medium is space, and the waves are the full spectrum of possible electromagnetic waves. Space is simply energy waves propagating, overlapping each other. Energy waves are moving in all directions, some omnidirectional, and some of a more focused nature. The super singularity that existed at moment zero was a solid, yet did not have any spacial or time properties because there had yet to be any movement, which is the nature of time. Nothing existed outside the singularity, because the singularity was dimensionless, it was a point of potential that contained all of the hybrid matter/energy that makes up our universe. The singularity began to expand due to the nature of matter seeking the path of least resistance. The initial space, that was created between the first individual chunks of matter as they exploded outward in a spherical shape, was energy waves. Energy, like the gaseous state of matter, when thinned out enough, occupies a larger footprint than condensed matter. The reason the initial inflation happened so quickly is because most of the matter was converted to energy, creating space. Then the universe cooled, and inflation slowed, until the stars began to glow, releasing more energy waves into the universe in all directions, creating more space between heavenly bodies. I will wait for someone to respond before I delve into greater detail. Thanks for the dialogue.
  11. This is not "speculation", it is fact. There was not an intention to push an already successful YT channel. Instead of viewers focusing on the subject at and, they will now focus on the falsities that you claimed. All you needed to include in the comment was "Moved to Speculations". But instead, you made it about you with a personal point of view.
  12. In short, the reason expansion was fast early on is due to the high amount of matter to energy wave conversion. Space is energy waves. Then when the universe cooled and went dark, expansion slowed. When stars began glowing, the additional energy released by the galaxies filled with stars continued to expand the distance between heavenly bodies. The following video explains this within the first minute better than what was just typed. LINK REMOVED