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  1. Q: what do you do with dead chemist A: barium
  2. yeah i was thinking differently of axial tilt.it was a flaw it my better judgment.
  3. I apologize,the tilt affect the seasons.if the earth were to tilt slightly the it would change seasons. https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/seasons-causes.html talks about the seasons
  4. the habitability of earth is defined but the tilt at which we are at.23.5 degrees. mars tilts at 25 degrees which allows the sun to cook it. Mars used to look like earth,but was cooked because of tilt.Venus tilts at 3 degrees,thus it is very hot and uninhabitable.
  5. I have a theory on why the speed changed on Oumuamua. The object was observed to change speed which is seen as something only intelligent life forms can do,But if Oumuamua were lighter on one side then it may speed up because of light particles pushing off of it.If one side was darker it would absorb light which would slow it down. Maybe i'm wrong i don't know.
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