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  1. Those who are rioting are not helping the cause.
  2. Has anyone found about what are Quarks made of?
  3. My daughter in law had her first child by Caesarian delivery. Should we ask her doctor to first try normal delivery or do a planned Caesarian for her second child? Will that be safe?
  4. So in terms of fundamental particles we will see nothing in the world.
  5. If we are able to see the world only in terms of fundamental particles it is made up of, which colour shall we see?
  6. The idea of grey holes was first postulated by Stephen Hawking. He said that black holes can not exist, instead grey holes exist.
  7. The scientific community supports the theory of grey holes or black holes?
  8. And which is the nearest galaxy to the South Pole?
  9. If a person stands on the South Pole,which stars they will see above them?
  10. Will the cosmos exist for a finite time?
  11. At the time of the Big Bang, nothing should have been there. No space, no time, nothing. Am I right?
  12. I am talking of the US. It already has failed to bring peace in Afghanistan despite trying for 17 years. Vietnam was a very bad experience. Why keep involving in conflicts around the world when China is trying to overtake America in every sphere?
  13. Does it still plan to do that work at the cost of life of its soldiers?
  14. Is USA the policeman of the Middle East?
  15. Shouldn’t the world take serious notice of Saudi involvement in Syria and try all means to make it stop this?
  16. Do the forces like gravity or others do their job on their own or they are planned to do so by a higher force?
  17. Is it the right step to withdraw the troops from Syria? Or it will give new impetus to the ISIS?
  18. The systematic way in which the whole cosmos functions shows that there is a higher power who keeps control. The higher power called God does not let things go haywire.
  19. By the way, which was the first plant that grew? How many years did that happen? Can we give information on which plant developed when?
  20. That is a huge diversity. I never thought number would be so big.
  21. Can any forum member make it simple to make me understand how did so many varieties of plants develop on the earth?
  22. It will take me some time to understand what Hawking wrote. Thanks for your patience.
  23. I will revert soon. Are you not a believer of the Big Bang theory?
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