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  1. There is an ion thruster that lifts its power supply against Earth's gravity. It is called the Self Contained Ion Powered (propelled) Aircraft or Ion Propelled Vehicle, US Patent 10,119,527. There are over 30 videos of it in flight online. It was verified to lift its power supply by the host of NPR and plenty of others. The website for it is at URL deleted It can fly for nearly 2 minutes at a time so far. It has some design changes over previous ionocrafts (and lifters), that make it operate on much less power. It is also very lightweight and has a specialized power supply. The craft flies by adding electrons to O2 molecules, thereby producing negative ions. This is contrary to some popular diagrams of the process. Oxygen has a high affinity for electrons, that is why it is called an oxidizer. "Corona," is mostly produced by air molecules when they lose electrons also called de-excitation. At low energy levels very little nitrogen is energized. When an EAD craft is designed to primarily add electrons to ambient O2 molecules, it mostly excites them, and therefore produces far less corona. O2 molecules can hold on to an extra electron for up to minutes at time. Very little ozone is produced at low wattages and currents. The less corona that is produced the more efficient these vehicles are, according to my lift measurements and corona camera footage video.
  2. This is Ethan Krauss again. All of the data about the Self Contained Ion Propelled Aircraft can be found on google. There are 6 public flight footage videos of it, US patent, and a website. All the links are under the videos on my YouTube channel Plenty of verification that it works is also clearly shown, and should be plenty sufficient. This science forum site probably didn't allow the URL so you can just google it with keywords like ionocraft and onboard power etc. I apologize for saying I gave any details implicitly. I am trying to be very clear and open so people can replicate my work at least to a point. Some of the equations that are wrong are for instance, the one above that states that the force is proportional to the current times the distance over a constant. The force only correlates weakly with the current. It is affected more by the voltage. The efficiency of the system also increases as the distance increases, within a range certain range, but not the force. All of the parts will work best within a particular range for each system, kind of similar to the way a transistor works best in a certain range according to the way it is made.
  3. All the readers should be aware, that the real first ion powered aircraft to carry its power supply, Is called the "Self Contained Ion Powered Aircraft" US Pat. #10,119,527. There are lots of videos of it online, and a website, electronairllc.org. Please see for yourself, and please leave some feedback on what you think! Thanks a lot! Ethan
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