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  1. And you constantly denying it won't make it false.
  2. This research I've referenced is science.
  3. The Perennial philosophy was the conclusion of the research. https://files.csp.org/Psilocybin/Barrett2017Phenomenology.pdf You mean you haven't grasped any of this. I never said anything about conspiracy. This research is getting out there whether you'd like to admit it or not.
  4. That's what you think. What you fail to realize is people are, indeed, waking up to this legitimate research.
  5. Sure our brains work in similar ways, but again, the implications were much greater than that. It's already happening through this research. Technical definitions have been offered by many great philosophers, thinkers, physicists, theologians, etc. I'd argue because you've identified with atheism, you necessarily cut religious study out of your life, and probably don't study any of the major religions. So, it doesn't surprise at all that you have to ask for me to summarize this for you, and it's precisely because you've never taken it seriously. As an atheist, you've disdained
  6. I'm not simply saying it's so. There's science that upholds this fact.
  7. Yet your statement above was not the conclusion of the research. Not in the least. All you've done is mischaracterize it.
  8. To the contrary, it is merely your own biases that prevent you to accept the fact that Perennial philosophy does indeed address the divine, that's the very intrinsic core of this view.
  9. It is a thing, and it has been established by decades of scientific research. Yes, this is the narrative you must tell yourself in order to deny what's been demonstrated by the science. That's all this is. Jordan Peterson has spoken on this proclivity of atheists to flat-out deny evidence which undermines their stance. It's clearly spelled out in the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_Q4CXvqLM4
  10. Again, I've pointed out that the Perennial philosophy is a perspective on the major religions, and within this perspective, the divine is defined quite particularly. Perennialism refers to an original etymology when referencing the divine. Nevertheless, you still do not understand the science, as you plainly admitted so. What's persuasive is the evidence which has been established by decades of scientific research initiating with the work of William James in the early 1900s.
  11. More accusations, still no evidence to support the accusations. No, again, I'm merely redirecting people's attention to the science that's been done relative to these topics. That's all, nothing more, nothing less. I never said it's being hidden. I believe more and more people are awakening to the science that's been done. I'm a crackpot for simply sharing what has been established by our modern science? If you say so.
  12. Atheists love to cherry-pick the grammar there, you don't know how many atheists I've encountered that have attempted to what you've demonstrated above. It's hilarious. What they fail to realize is if you're going to define mystical states of consciousness in accordance to the Perennial philosophy. Do you know how the mystical experience is defined in the Perennial philosophy? Apparently not. You haven't been paying attention, obviously. I defined it quite elaborately in the initial thread which was closed, but make no mistake, there is a very elaborate definition of how these things a
  13. I have read the rules, and of course they apply to me, they apply to everyone. However, I maintain that I've not broken any of the rules. And you've not shown any signs that you understand the science that's been done or how they relate this to the Perennial philosophy. The only person using the C word is beecee. I've not mentioned conspiracy once, not a single time. This is something that beecee simply projects.
  14. But it's not because I'm religious, this is the fact you can't comprehend, it's because I adhere to the science that's been done.
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