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    The creative impulse

    Given, there are times we are creative in isolation. What is creativity, but a move to inspire the self and hopefully others? A moment of vision to share for others to see or hear or experience while reaching to understand ourselves
  2. fieldunificationman

    Something else burns out phosphorous

    No sparkly materials. In this application it was a (white) glow powder purchased from Glow Inc, a commercial glow materials seller, mixed with steel shavings and an acrylic base, thrown at speed toward the magnet taped to the back side of the canvas. They have some technical information available at
  3. fieldunificationman

    Useful Maths links

    No one has mentioned hyperphysics. hypermath is a link on the front page, just below the graphic.
  4. fieldunificationman

    Something else burns out phosphorous

    We know that exposure to light and heat burns out the luminescent property of phosphorous, but I found something else. It wasn't so much an experiment as a discovery. I used to paint with phosphorous a lot, phosphorous mixed with acrylic medium mostly. Stars, cities, things like that. For one painting I taped a magnet to the back of the canvas and threw at speed a mix of phosphorous, steel shavings and acrylic medium at the canvas, at the magnet. When it dried, which was just minutes, the phosphorous surrounding the magnet was completely burned out. It never glowed again. I had not seen phosphorous burn out like that before. It wasn't heat or light.