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  1. Nope , you are now confusing 'science' and 'technology". Despite popular opinion, the two have nearly nothing to do with each other. And sometimes , 'technology' helps 'science' a bit forward. But not too much. I really think that in a lot of instances 'science' has hindered progress for technology. And now we are at it, sometimes 'science' stops progress in 'science' which is the case with the the relativity theories.
  2. With all due respect, but you are not saying anything here. You are just saying there has been done things that proof it. Bit nothing concrete at all. And e.g. gravitational lensing can be very easily explained by classical physics.
  3. 'Science' never really understood anything at all. 'science' was designed to be a control tool, once the religions didn't work as well as they once did. 'science' has nothing to do with finding any 'truth'. But is IS circular.
  4. Well, sorry it wasn't my intent. Nevermind. But I do agree 'science' is full of things that is not understood. Not a good state of affairs now is it?
  5. You think I do not? well, why do you think that? What does it matter????????????????????? Gee! 'scientists use 'time' all the time (pun intended) , while at the same time they have no clue what it actually is! And you really think it doesn't matter? Ah well.....
  6. Really? Please do you mean that you really don't know what circular is???????
  7. But that is circular! pffffffffffffffffff
  8. That's what I mean. And in the meantime it is used in all of physics! Now isn't that strange?
  9. well, can someone explain what "time" is? without a circular answer that is.
  10. How funny! A clock doens't measure any time, of course. How can it? Time is extremely misunderstood by scientists, still they use something they don't understand all the time. The whole of physics is build on a very weak base. They don't know what 'time', is, nor what 'space' is etc, Still they build theories on this. Personally I call that 'psychotic'. Take time: "Time in physics is defined by its measurement: time is what a clock reads" lol, how circular it all is! Like nearly everything in physics.
  11. well space time really can't exist but I will leave that for now, And experiments agree? That remains to be seen then.Because it is never about the experiments but about the interpretation of the experiments of course. Just a little logical thinking can show space can not curve. You don't need higher math or experiments.
  12. One thing about space and relativity. Doesn't relativity theory say that 'space' is 'curved'. This seems to be an impossibility to me. 'space' can obviously not 'curve'. That one can calculate nonsense with tensor-calculus doesn't make something automatically true of course!
  13. ok then just empty words without any substance. ok then.
  14. Of course you are entitled to your opinion. But can you please show me where I am wrong exactly? Or is it just words?
  15. Well ok, but the basic inventions, like computers, smartphone, transistors etc, aren't made today by commercial institutions, but years and years and years earlier . Just by intelligent individuals, most of the time with no back ground in science at all. Then 'science' hijacked these ideas. I do agree that 'science' is getting obsolete , and slowly but surely will be replaced by , what I call, 'real' science. Modern science as presented to day has it all wrong, very wrong and has nothing to do with reality. Modern science is full with foolish ideas, like the bi
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