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  1. Agreed with Kyrisch. Quantum mechanics is the "probability" of something going to happen therefore even if our "decision making" mechanism information was somehow inputted and transferred via a quantized particle it's only a "probability" that it will get transferred in which we have no control over.
  2. Well Free will as in you are in charge of analyzing and deciding what YOU want to do and not some stimuli or chemical reaction that occurs within your own brain.
  3. The mouse trap is the victor mouse trap. I would use a rat trap because of the fact they can provide more potential energy but unfortunately we can't.
  4. I was thinking in terms of powering a car with the spring of the mouse trap (because I have 1 meter distance of launch platform) and when it hits the air, there will be a gliding mechanism (wing or hang glider wings) that will help it glide along with the energy from the car. And yes I will be using a new spring constantly as I know they wear out over time.
  5. There's a debate that's been constantly talked about. That is, is there such thing as free will? What is free will? Free will is the ability for us humans to make our own decisions based on analysis of the event. Does it exist? Or is it a specially set chemically formula within our own brain triggered my certain stimuli meaning we don't have free will? If we do have free will. How is it that we are able to control our own decisions based on events? Post your opinions here, and let's try to keep religion out of this. Pure science all the way.
  6. I haven't thought of styrofoam I think I'll give that a try. The problem is that the mouse trap has to travel WITH the device, so the mouse trap will be attached to the car which will have the hang gliding wings attached above the car.
  7. So for our school project we are supposed to build a mouse trap vehicle which starts at a platform approximately a meter-1.5 meter off the ground and go as far as it can (in terms of x axis) without hitting the ground. The only power allowed is the mouse trap spring. So far my idea is to build a mouse trap car which releases mass amounts energy at first therefore containing lots of potential energy. When it launches off the platform, it will have hang glider wings which allow it to "glide" down as far as it can before hitting the ground. The only problem I have is what material the hang glider should be made out of. I'm thinking balsa wood but i don't know if it'll work well. I am also open to any other suggestion. I thought about a catapult, and a spinning mechanism, and other stuff and decided this idea was the best. Also the mouse trap has to travel with this so called "vehicle". Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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