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  1. Superboy

    Time machine

    Hi everyone, I’m posting this because I need a bit of help. As the title suggests it’s about a time machine, I have an image of the time machine, but I can’t identify the parts or how it’s supposed to be put together, so I thought; maybe someone on this forum can figure this out and leave me instructions. Any help would be greatly appreciated, so here’s the link to the time machine I would love if someone could list the materials needed for this machine and leave instructions on how to construct it, thank you.
  2. Superboy


    So, I have an interesting idea. My idea is to build a technology that is able to counter act any force applied to it( if somebody were to throw a punch, this technology would counter act the force applied and make it to where the force from the punch goes back to the hand that threw the punch). The problem is that I don’t know where to begin with building this device, so if someone can point me in the direction of some sites that can help me or books or videos or even what I need to begin building, that would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to what you all have to tell me.