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  1. If anyone, or anyone's kid(s), is planning on watching the second season of 13 Reasons Why, please note this warning for the last episode. There is a specific scene that concerns an important social problem in community, but is so graphical that lots of viewers were left shocked and aghast. Truth be told, I'm confident that we (members of this forum) ought to be intelligent and educated enough so that we need not be confronted with this scene for making us attent of this social problem in society. However, it was a really good series after all, and I enjoyed watching it. Except for that scene. It left me shocked, staring at a paused screen for about 15 minutes and I personally did not have any added value from that scene (38:24 until 39:49).

    1. Scott of the Antares

      Scott of the Antares

      I watched this and whilst I enjoyed it, I thought that the main character was a little harsh calling out some people who didn’t deserve to be lumped in with the main antagonists.

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