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  1. 1.) This kind of questioning is so complex that it becomes difficult even to pinpoint questions about it; if we think that it is much more logical to believe that there is a creator who formed everything we now understand as our universe, what would be the origin of this creator? Was he alone the Alpha and the Omega, all and nothingness? As for the scientific laws that refer to this subject, in my understanding, there is none that is able to prove the existence or the nonexistence of a creator, so what is needed is necessary, sometimes the science is demanding and skeptical of more and not all of our universe is that simple. 2.)I believe that both ways of thinking have the same difficulty of being explained, precisely because something comes out of nothing would be very complex, so much so that we are not even able to formulate hypotheses that actually make sense, and understand that everything comes from of a creator leads us to another question: "Who created the creator?" 3.)The concept of God has always been more linked to religion than science, so I think it is very difficult for science to admit or even prove the existence of God, because in its own concept, belief is in itself a representation of trust and hope very beautiful and would lose all its meaning if it were simply reduced to facts and scientific proofs. 4)Exactly, that is the point, we have to understand that currently all society in an official, logical and scientific way only believes in what complies with the rules of the current scientific method; it is very probable that even in a short period of time these rules will change, more proof of this is the history itself, so if even our most precise methods are not exact and immutable, how can we guarantee their reliability? In short, I come to the conclusion that the more we study and understand the perfection of our universe from astronomical bodies like stars to the atom it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that all this is simply the result of randomness, precisely because of what I believe in existence of God.
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