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  1. Alright, Static BH or Schwarzchild Black-hole has no rotation it has a radius with mass inside it and less mass then its rotating cousins, Kerr BH as rotation happens it expands against the Schwarzchild Radius, so even with more mass which should decrease that radius the Radius increases because of the Vector of its mass against gravity. Which is formed from escape velocity equation, which everyone knows is true, Jump, do you fall to the ground, then you haven't reach escape velocity of this gravitational field. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/Relativ/blahol.html This man however did then landed on the moon, Proof of this. Proof of BH Rotation. http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/science/supermassive-black-hole-spinning-at-speed-of-light/article4462397.ece
  2. Oh my, I am going to have to explain the Schwarzchild metric and Kerr Metric again the same way, if he doesn't stop. So, he will understand how all that works, which are solutions to the Einstein Field Equations.
  3. No, I was saying it takes no thought to blindly accept something, it takes thought and effort to refute something.
  4. You know what, For a reason way different than any of this, I will stay, for only this reason, would you rather have a bunch of people that just blindly accept something as fact or would tell you that you are wrong. Well, honestly the people that would tell you that you are wrong due to the fact that, that it actually takes effort and courage.
  5. Lol, Swan is one of the good mods, whomever split that all into the trash can go to hell.
  6. I'll put it to you this way, would you really try to steal something from the guy that designed Viral Bio-machinery or a Black Hole gun. You would have to be dumb to do that.
  7. It is registered at, Later. http://civilization.wikia.com/wiki/Biomachinery_(SMAC) http://civilization.wikia.com/wiki/Controlled_Singularity_(SMAC)
  8. I am leaving, Some of the Mods can go take a long walk off a short cliff. I will not be back EVER! Don't ever use any of my models or Creations that are posted here or I will get you for copyright infringement in federal court or Patent Infringement. 17 U.S. Code § 501 - Infringement of copyright 35 U.S. Code § 271 - Infringement of patent
  9. Let say in this universe it is VERY Large electron with no movement , then and Dark Energy is Constant @ 500 km/s/Mpc ∑x=0 ∑y=0∑z=0x+y+z = 9.8917379797077367667245997437072 x 10^107 (-1,0,1,0.511 MeV - 0,0 - 500 ,1/2 - 0) all values of ∑x=0 ∑y=0∑z=0x+y+z = 9.8917379797077367667245997437072 x 10^107 (-1,0,1,0.511 MeV - 0,0 - 500 ,1/2 - 0) will be the same.
  10. Okay, lets solve this then Sensei. (Universe Volumetric Planck State @ size of universe in radius) =(3/4)π ((RUniverse/(tpC)) Luniverse )3 Runiverse = 10 meters Shortly, after the BB. Lp = 1.616229(38)×10−35 m Total Strings = (4/3) 3.14 (10/1.616229(38)×10−35 m)3 Total Strings = 9.8917379797077367667245997437072 x 10107 So, that many values of ∑x=0 ∑y=0∑z=0x+y+z = 9.8917379797077367667245997437072 x 10^107 (Q,Ψc,Y,M - MΛ,Φ - ΦΛ,S - SΛ)
  11. It reads (Q,Ψc,Y,M - MΛ,Φ - ΦΛ,S - SΛ) Very Relevant to the question. Okay, to directly answer your question. Yes, the entire universe can be considered as having a single quantum mechanical wave function. Yes a single observation could be made for the entire universe @ a time slice. Something, like that electron but on a much larger object. Yes, it is very related, I agree.
  12. My Model uses the Standard model, Those states are Ψ values and other Quantum Numbers in QCD, Hypercharge, Charge, and Spin along with Energy-mass.
  13. Harmonic Manifold is a much easier String Theory than Actual String Theory, here is the equations for both types in Actual String Theory and not Harmonic Manifold, "My String Theory" https://stringtheory4kids.wordpress.com/ https://www.quora.com/What-is-string-theory-How-can-I-gather-a-clear-concept-about-the-string-theory A single Universe splits into two parallel Universes change in causality or state on the same brane. http://space.mit.edu/home/tegmark/crazy.html Feynman Diagram to String Transformation for Universes Splitting into Parallel Universes. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Point%26string.png Alternate Universes on two different branes linked by a D-brane "Wormhole", which may have different Force Dimensions. https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/16248/d-brane-lagrangian http://www.geoset.info/presentation/black-holes-wormholes-and-time-travel/ Which are caused from different Big Bangs with a Different set of dimensional parameters. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/238279-oxford-scientists-call-into-question-the-idea-that-the-universes-expansion-is-accelerating Many Alternate Universes existing in Hyperspace. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/can-physicists-ever-prove-multiverse-real-180958813/
  14. Yes, this is for Parallel Universes of this Brane, not Other Universes in the Hyperspace Brane being Alternate Universes which would not have our same dimensions of Forces and Etc. Those are impossible to model as I do not know what Dimensions of forces it uses in Alternate Universes.
  15. It is relevant here, He asked if it were possible in a Multiverse manifold, which is what this is, which those are the Standard model Particle states including GR with Cosmological's states, which would collapse the wave-function into a bunch of quanta particles.
  16. Oh, ya, I Think it does have a Dimensional frequency in a dimensionless form which would be the certain state this universe is in compared to other universes. I actually have a version of this in my model. (Universe Volumetric Planck State @ size of universe in radius) =(3/4)π ((RUniverse/(tpC)) Luniverse )3 Luniverse = (∇Charge,∇Color,∇flavour,∇gravity - ∇Dark Energy) charge possible states per point (1,2/3, 1/3, 0,-1/3,-2/3,-1) Color Possible states per point(R,B,G,0,G,B,R) Flavour possible states per point (I,II,III,0,III,II,I) Gravity/Dark Energy possible states per point of space (Energy,Mass,Spin,0,Energy,mass,spin) If you were to construct it, it would look something like this. The Universe at a radius Per point in the universe to planck length Lp or TpC = Lp or each cube in that sphere has 5 values.
  17. Does anyone know what a Sqaure Radians sqaure meter per Hypersecond means in the same context as momentum density? Radian2 Meter2 / Second4 = ??? What is that a unit of? Oh I see what this is screwed up LOL This wrong algebra mistake. ωx2Vx2 = dx2 ωy2Vy2 = dy2 ωz2Vz2 = dz2 Which is another form of this. (ωz2Vz2)+ (ωy2Vy2) + (ωx2Vx2) - ((σxxAxx/M) * dt2)2 - ((σxyAxy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σxzAxz/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyxAyx/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyyAyy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyzAyz/M) * dt2)2 - ((σzxAzx/M) * dt2)2 -((σzyAzy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σzzAzz/M) * dt2)2 = dxTuv2 + dyTuv2 + dzTuv2 Corrected form which actually makes sense. ωx2/Vx2 = dx2 ωy2/Vy2 = dy2 ωz2/Vz2 = dz2 Which is another form of this correct. (ωx2/Vx2) + (ωy2/Vy2) + (ωz2/Vz2) - ((σxxAxx/M) * dt2)2 - ((σxyAxy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σxzAxz/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyxAyx/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyyAyy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyzAyz/M) * dt2)2 - ((σzxAzx/M) * dt2)2 -((σzyAzy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σzzAzz/M) * dt2)2 = dxTuv2 + dyTuv2 + dzTuv2
  18. http://hydrogen.physik.uni-wuppertal.de/hyperphysics/hyperphysics/hbase/rotq.html I am starting to realize another useful equation. ωx2Vx2 = dx2 ωy2Vy2 = dy2 ωz2Vz2 = dz2 Which is another form of this. (ωz2Vz2)+ (ωy2Vy2) + (ωx2Vx2) - ((σxxAxx/M) * dt2)2 - ((σxyAxy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σxzAxz/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyxAyx/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyyAyy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σyzAyz/M) * dt2)2 - ((σzxAzx/M) * dt2)2 -((σzyAzy/M) * dt2)2 - ((σzzAzz/M) * dt2)2 = dxTuv2 + dyTuv2 + dzTuv2
  19. It kinda does because http://hydrogen.physik.uni-wuppertal.de/hyperphysics/hyperphysics/hbase/rotq.html
  20. Sorry, Swan I didn't see that, my bad, I answered anyways.
  21. I get that https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/206276/why-are-electron-wavefunctions-standing-waves http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/quantum/Schr2.html
  22. Well, there is another solution to 1/dt which is f
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