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  1. Quick LaTeX Tutorial

    \( y=x^2 \) x^{-2}
  2. Irrationality of √3

    The point here is 9a^2=3q^2 leads to 3a^2=q^2 so q=3b, b ∈Z thus p/q=3a/3b which contradicts with our assumption that p/q is irreducible.
  3. Hello guys! I've faced a minor difficulty in proving the statement "√3 is irrational number". My arguments are the following: Let's suppose that √3 is rational then it can be expressed as p/q, p,q∊Z which is irreducible, so √3=p/q <=> 3=p2/q2 <=> p2=3q2 And here is a problem from p2=3q2 I concluded that p=3a, a∊Z after that the proof is led to contradiction => p/q can be reduced by 3. The ground for my doubt is we cannot conclude from product's divisibility the divisibility of it's factors (maybe even these factors are the same) e.g. 12 | 3*8 but 12 ∤ 3 and 12 ∤ 8. I apologize for my English)) and appreciate any attention.
  4. Learn math, physic and algebra from scratch and solo

    Hi dude! I was concerned with the same questions and just surfed the internet...I picked up some books and started working through. The main question is what is the best choice for self studying, and the answer varies from person to person depends on his background and goals. Certainly you should have a calculus book (there are plenty of them in net), some general physics book (like 'fundamentals of physics' by Halliday and Resnick) and probably linear algebra book. If your knowledge in elementary algebra and in trigonometry is not strong enough you should look for some as well. If you want I can give you some pdf-copies I use or the reference to the source I got them... Good luck with your studying.
  5. homework help

    I don't agree with answer. I think 'inverse' forgot to change sign...
  6. Limit calculator (solver)

    I use it, but some limits cannot be solved by this mean (it has a good graphing utility instead and you can figure out needed value). Also I use another one placed in onsolver.com and don't have any trouble to this day except for poor understanding about this kind of matter
  7. Limit calculator (solver)

    Hi everyone. Is there any good FREE on-line limit solver? Thanks. I've already found one....