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  1. Sir, imagine a perfect circle that is 1kg. Circle has same length from middle to its perimeter. Thats a perfect cricle. Then we put it on a hard surface that cant bend. We know pressure is mass/area of contact. It has 1 kg so it defines on its contact area. Does it 0, or should we think like it cant be smaller than planck lenght?
  2. Hey everyone, I have a question that what is the pressure of perfect circle? I think we can think this in 2 ways; Physical properties and mathematical. If we look this in pysician view we should think about atoms, and the electron cloud. If we assume the circle is super solid that wont break we can think its on a electron cloud and its pressure should equal mass/diameter of electron. But we know that electron is fundamental and has no volume, so will it be infinite or mass/Planck's length? And if we look this in mathematician way thats virtual and doesn't contain atoms or any smaller particles we can guess Its interact point is the smallest measurement of all time. If we zoom in the interact point will become smaller and smaller. So is it infinite on mathematical way? I know a perfect circle is impossible on reality, but just imagine.
  3. Hey everyone, So, we know black hole has a singularity in middle of itself and it has infinite mass and no volume. But why we saying that? And if it has infinite mass on one point why it doesn't have infinite gravity? If so, why not everything going inside it?
  4. Hello everyone; So, we know that photons can move like a particle or can move like waves. But i didn't understood that does the photons moves as particles in a wave way or they became waves or anything else. My thought is that if there were pure wave they should be energy, and i dont think energy can move my itself without any matter. I mean water or sound waves vibrates atoms and we see but they dont work on space. But light can travel in space so it is a particle. But we also know that it moves like waves because of Double-slit experiment. But i dont understand how a particle becames a wave itself and moves without any matter. Thanks for caring.
  5. Hello, So you saw the question. There are some articles that say the energy is must be 0 because the mass of matter is equal to antimatter. But also there is an article by NASA says estimated mass-energy of the universe is 4x1069 . Which one is true? I found the NASA file by a video but not itself. Article on 2:54. There is a link on video connects to here(https://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/ask_astro/index.html). I searched on site but couldn't find it.
  6. Thank you for answering but I'm wondering how Alaska's melted ice came to the mediterrian sea. Water can travel around the world but doesn't it gets salty before reaching? It's a long way from Alaska to Mediterranean.
  7. Hello, My question is why this is happening? There is a comment saying waters from Alaska's ices makes is density different and doesn't let water mix. But Alaska really far away to Mediterranean sea. And also is there a way that Muslims figured it out in 600? https://9gag.com/gag/azqrdLq (same video) https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/azqrdLq_460sv.mp4
  8. Hello everyone, I always thought it is because of centrifugal force because it makes sense to me. There is gravity pulling and centrifugal force that pushing the planet out and it having an orbit. But someone told me that planets aren't flying out because of dark matter and stuff. Can someone light me up? Also sorry for the bad English.
  9. I can be wrong but I will write what I know. So there are few theories that say how the universe going to end. And one theory is the gravity will overpower the dark energy power that expands the universe. And then the universe starts to shrink. And then universe becomes a supermassive black hole. After that black hole shrinks more and then explodes like Big Bang. There is a video that will explain better. I'm talking about the third one starts on 4:15. Also sorry for bad English. ( )
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new here and I have a question; So we know that π is a circle's circumference/diameter So 2 rational numbers dividing and cames out as irrational. Can you explain me how is this happening and is there any examples like that? Sorry for bad English btw.
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