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  1. So, I have heard laws of space doesn't work inside the black hole so, 1) Can one move faster then light in black hole? 2) If it can't then what happens to the gravitational pull of black hole? 3) Follow up for last question if you can't break the speed limit of light in black hole then gravity also can't leave black hole as it also moves at speed of light. That means black hole should not have pull out side of event horizon that means matter should not be able to pulled in to black hole. 4) If it can then how is the physics different there? 5) Also if it can move faster then speed of light then it should be able to break past the escape velocity of black hole. so, please explain this.
  2. Lol if you just think logically its hard to swallow that id we give head start to light we will never be able to catch it no matter how fast we go it will just get away from us at speed c. but c defy all Newtonian logic.
  3. But in that case for us the relative velocity between light and mirror will become 1.5c which is physically impossible. as an observer that is.
  4. So let us all assume that a mirror is going away from us at speed c/2 and we are stationary. Now a ray of light leaves from me reaches to mirror and reflects back. So from our prospective light will be moving at c/2 w.r.t mirror hence when it its reflected it must be the same c/2, but mirror is already moving at c/2 that will only mean light must be stationary and we will never see our reflection. And if we start increasing the velocity of mirror that will mean light will start moving forward but slowly. I know it doesn't take relativity in consideration but since i was stationary observer I don't think I need to. So please point me out where I'm wrong and where can i get solution. Edit1: Corrected to c/2 from c/t in line " light will be moving at c/2 w.r.t mirror" Edit2: added assumption that mirror is going away.
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    I think in this world anything that doesn't have use is simply of no value. But that's not the question here. Question is maths part of or not. We do use maths in science but is it as another entity or is it just integral part of science?
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    I think I have to disagree there. as Srimann dutta said also there are other example like genetic algorithms and ant colony optimisation stuff like that was invented by observing nature.
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    You can also solve the same problem with little shorter method if You make use of circumcircle covering a right angle triangle which will be trianglr ADC and Q and mid point of AC making AQ=QC=CD hence Angle QDC=angle QCD for isosceles triangle QDC and angle RPQ=angle QCD now we will talk all in angle so ill stopt typing angle before all sets RPQ + RDQ =RPQ +RDA+ADQ =QCD+QDA+ADR =CDQ+QDA+ADR =180 as all 3 angle lies on a line hence we can say PQDR is cyclic
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    Hay guys I wanted to know if maths is part of science or not? If this forum is not appropriate please let me know right place to post this as i'm new to this forum
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