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  1. Apple rejects order to unlock gunman's phone

    Apple refused so what. The real questions asked should be why did they refuse? Was a warrent or special warrent issued? If no warrent or special warrent was issued would accessing the phone be self incriminating? Would doing so without warent lead to possible civil or criminal repercussions? Law Enforcement seeks arrests and convictions. How there go about doesnt matter unless they get called out. Its nothing new.
  2. A cool air turbine with a tubular duct that runs from its exhaust to its intake. Would the air speed in the duct be faster due to vacuum force rather than being open ended? Would the turning force on another inline turbine introduced into the duct system be greater or less? Would the air speed decrease after the added inline turbine to the duct system? This is not homework help its things that I have been thinking about due to a hobby project I been woking on but have no way of measuring air speed or turning force. I think it would increase airspeed and turning force on second turbine. I also think once the second turbine has spooled up too speed the air speed after second turbine wouldn't be decreased. I am thinking pushing force and vacuum force in the duct system would over come loss of air speed due to turning force. Btw I dont get paid to think. The above is the reason why so. If you can honestly help me anwser my questions it would be helpful. Do not bother replying if you lack tact in your reply.
  3. I was talking about the pain of living and suriving which is endured in a lifetime. What I call toxic happiness. Good is subjective term by the way. Also if you have issue with a persons writing or typing p.m. them the grievance please.
  4. Designer babies

    As per provided link "The first batch of genetically modified babies were created in 2001. Out of 30 that were born 15 of them had dna from 3 diferent adults." (est. Reliable refrence of first link) I guess designer babies are a thing of now instead of few or many years away.
  5. Designer babies

    I believe the U.S. C.D.C. (center of disease control) did a study on antibiotics and medicine used to preform surgery. It showed that its possible in the next 100 years (estamated) that becuase of the mis-use wether by over prescribed or patients not following usage instructions. Modern medicine to preform surgery could become obsolete and even the simplest procedures would become too risky base on possible infection alone. They went so far as to compare modern surgeries with out antibiotic and anististics would be almost like having surgey in the dark ages. (Adam ruins everything made me aware of this)So, the human race went down a slippery road and now we see the side effect of mis-use. The same holds true with any science and seeing how we are years away from designer babies. I personally believe that such science will be miss-used just like most else humans use science for. I will go so far to say genetic manipulation is nothing new in the field of science but there moral and ethical reason why have stalled such science. (Bad exsample of gentic science mis-used "Dr. Monroe's Island". Better exsample twins studied by Dr. Mengele at Auschwitz) Just with the experimentation stages genetic manipulation can be horrorific. So, live by natural order or prevert the natural order. There are also the unforseen side effect of such science. Which I mentioned lil about before. I agrue virus adapts over time like most organisms do, however gentic manipulation could allow a virus to have an increased fatality rate and cross spieces at an alarming rate. Thats just to name a couple exsamples off the top of my head. The only way I would condone such science. Would be IF (yes a big if) it was possible to over come ill side efects and the science was only used as means of last resort. No matter what I believe the cons out wieght the pros.
  6. Is it ethical to clone extinct animals back to life?

    No, doing so could destroy an ecosystem. As much as a spieces going extinct from an ecosystem if not more so. It would be the same thing as introduction a exotic spieces into an ecosystem. I.e. Cane toads in Australia
  7. Designer babies

    No. artificial genetic manipulation of offspring is a slippery road. Just on the basis of virology its mind boggling the repercussions.
  8. Conjecture theory / questions

    I like to know any intellectual thoughts or could some present me with any info on. If an object could travel free from earth gravity and allow in atmospheric travel by means of just earth spinning? I know this type of travel is not probable or could be considered impossible. I wonder what travel like this would be like. I have wild ideas about this subject. So I like to hear any intellectual ideas or info on this concept.
  9. Possibility to survive a building jump?

    I think some posted this concept of answer before me but just to give a link. yup mythbusters did it already....
  10. The human race has put limits on certian types of harm (method in which to cause pain) which can be caused to another lifeform but has not out right outlawed it. I have to ask. Is the human race willing too subject itself to the raw animalist nature of true survial of the fitiest? Doesnt even most theological based ways (relegion) have an acceptable limit of harm caused? I would have to say an outright policy of no harm to another lifeform is like asking. Are you (an animal) willing to lye down and die so a preaditor can eat you to survive? I will say as long as there is life there will be pain. The pain caused in some cases will be caused unintentionally. There will always be unavoidable pain as well. Survial of most life forms dictates that death must occur for survial of its species. My personal understanding, pain is how you know your alive. I would also like to point out the human race uses pain as a tool of compliance.( I.e. spanking for misbehaving ) even police use pain compliance. I would say as long as the human race feels the neurological effect of pain stimulation it will be legal in some fashion. Also I would like to point out some people have a higher tolerance of pain and some find it to be stimulating.
  11. Consciousness and the illusion of choice

    I would like to offer the paraphased statment. Humans tend to be creatures of habit. With that be said. Habits are patterns which come from conditioning. If one can be conditioned to follow a pattern then one can be un conditioned. Now given there are expections to this mental illness for exsample. I use my schizophrenia as an exsample. My brian like most other is hardwired to work a certian way. However due to certian events my preception of the world is asscued. I often find myself thinking though of what others would do rather than what i would do. This very way of thinking causes me to disassociate myself from my actions to the point where I pshycially view myself prefrom actions in thrid person. I have no conscience control over this happening. however the subconscious level of stress which causes this to happen can be controled. If I take no action other to realize I feel detached as if I am pshycially free from my body.(lacking physical senses of the human body) I dont have a choice which such a state comes over me but I confine myself with strict moral constraints to prevent me from making choices that could lead to negative outcomes. So, even for my abnormal preception of my world i have to use morals and ethics as devine laws rather that guidlines. Which leads me back to the conditioning of being aware of my physical self and limits. I also have to point out typing is a long series of choices. Even when doing something simple as typing I fall into disassociate states which is why I ignore spelling errors, grammar and most rules of language. Now I seen people train there brains (conditioning) form habits (good and negative), and so on. I do not have a normal consciousness so I like every one else have had to adapt a ethics and morals. I think even on a subconscious level we all have been conditioned with a certian level of moral and ethical behavior by whatever means. I most certainly could agrue that morals and ethics help define every choice we make. However, at the risk of being off topic if choice is an illusion then anyone could predict the outcome of any choice made. An agruement could be made that a certian choice has predictable outcomes but could not limit said outcomes down to one outcome that would occur with 100% certainty. Even people whom study the habits of a person can only vaguely predict when a person might be most prone to preform a certian actions. Habits can be pattern of a string choices or actions which you are condition to preform. I have to say the statement of consciousness and illusion of choice really come down to how ones minds eye can adapt and condition itself given with one senses even if those senses are abnormal. (definition of normal in this case to mean a non schizophrenic)
  12. if I am not mistaken the reglious philosophy of reincarnation might be closest exsample I could think of to what op is stating. However the idea of perfect reincarnation would be like saying the universe falls into cycles of expansion and colapse and endlessly repeats such. Which is a theory, again if I am not mistaken. Within the endless cycle of expansion and colapse, once the universe has colapsed in on itself and is in a state of re-expantion. Could the universe repeat the creation of any said object(s) with in said universe durring re-expansion? If so what degree of similarity would the new expantion have with a previous expansion? An exact copy of of any object would be awe inspiring. However the thought of all things being in the a condition to recreate any said object from previous universe would mean that the universe is locked into a pattern of creativity. Now lets say the universe contracts in apon itself erasing what was before taking in account infinite varibles of choas theroy (butterfly effect). The universe would have to follow the excate same pattern of expansion to recreate a excate duplicate of said object from a pervious universe. Could the universe negate infinite possiblities if it is governed by a set standard(rules of creation)? What varibles control creation in re-expantion of a universe? Are the excate right amounts of elements in the excate right place at the right time ot recreate said object within said universe? My conclusion thoughts are. The universe would have to be locked in a precise pattern of creation to recreate excate duplicate of an object. So is it possible? I would have to say its probably seeing how the universe could repeat itself. if a universe follows an infinite cycle of expansion and colapse even if it wasnt locked in to a pattern of creation when it re-expands. Their are an infinite number of chances a universe could repeat itself in such a cycle however such repetiveness would be random and probably few and far between. I would also like to point out laws of averages when discussing such when at anytime looking for repetiveness or patterns. I.e. flip a coin. Will the same coin face always land face up? This is over simplicity exsample. (Yes, these was the ramblings of a madman please feel free to ignore such as rubish.)
  13. A definition of Ethics 1.moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity. "medical ethics also enter into the question" synonyms: moral code, morals, morality, values, rights and wrongs, principles, ideals, standards (of behavior), value system, virtues, dictates of conscience "your so-called newspaper is clearly not burdened by a sense of ethics" 2. the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. A definition of Moral 1.a lesson, especially one concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience. "the moral of this story was that one must see the beauty in what one has" synonyms: lesson, message, meaning, significance, signification, import, point, teaching "the moral of the story" 2. a person's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. "the corruption of public morals" synonyms: moral code, code of ethics, (moral) values, principles, standards, (sense of) morality, scruples "he has no morals" A definition of science the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. "the world of science and technology" synonyms: branch of knowledge, body of knowledge/information, area of study, discipline, field "the science of criminology" a particular area of this. plural noun: sciences "veterinary science" a systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject. "the science of criminology" One could say after reading a few of the threads on this very forum ethics and morals have little to nothing to with science. One must ask themself is this right or wrong. Then wieght the ethical and moral objections. Before any real science can begin. We all read the retorts and comments on this very forum that lack ethical and moral base. However its most absurd that some if not most of these comments are comming from people whom cliam to be scientists or scientific minded people. I would agrue if a retort lacks in any way ethical or moral judgement as to be little a person in a negative way that any retort one makes is not sciencific or has little to do with science but rather ones own ego. One could agrue a sciencist must be ethical and morally minded to be of real value to the fields of science. Simply because someone states something that you believe to be untrue doesn't give you the right to retort personal insults. As a sciencific minded person you have the daughting job of educating people. You might get tired of repeating your self and providing imperical facts but thats all in a day. I understand that dealing with miss information and what some on this forum would call b.s. is mentally exhausting especially if your a teacher or professor of science. However the ambiguity grant by the internet doesn't grant your free reign to belittle a person or an idea bad or good. If one has little or no ethics & morals any and all work you have done in the name of science is not scientific. It may not even be science as far as I know. I not trying to scold anyone just pointing out just how to me the ethics of moral are allowed to slip simply becuase one or a group of individuals share opinion aka pack mentality illreguardless of wether your right how you express your agruement can make or break it before you even had the chance to quash miss-conceptions or outright fasle infromation. I'll use myself as exsample. "The earth is flat out not a ball." Yes I have blurted this out in my ecology class. This statement itself is true. It has little to do with subject matter of this thread topic. However, how another chooses to retort to this statement speaks torward there ethics and morals. I will say this if your retort is done so too belittle then your not being scientific. You then fall prey to being a hypocrite. It's when dealing with others especially there idea's or beliefs there of where I see most scientific minded people lose there persona of rational thought. So, how can a science forum be scientifically base if it has shown little to no ecthics or morals. One could agrue that its prefectly ok to degrate a person and there idea's and thats what sets the standard of ethics and morals. One could also agrue that the above statement has little or no ethics or morals. To sum it all up what I am trying to get at is IF scientific minded people got off there internet ambiguity high horse it would be more beneficial as too help get others off there ignorance high horse. (This was an ethicial and moral statement ussing this very forum as a impromptu exsample if you want points of reference I will offer none as to express my general ethics an morals. However I do understand that I may or may not be in some type of violation to forum rules and regulations. With that being said when whatever punitive action is decided remember I typed this out as to show what ethical and moral standard a schizophrenic scientific mind has. Yes I did just adment I am a schizophrenic that has sciencific mind. wuuuuutttttt)(also I will edit my spelling at my own convenience if you would like to grammar and spell check feel free, if you feel the need to line item your retort do so in quadruplcit and email all copies to yourself.then in your posted retort provide a link to your quadruplcit retort otherwise I will not respond.also I will freely choose to respond to any retort i choose at a time that bests fits my schedule. not all of us are allowed to sit on the internet all day.)