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  1. Dont the em waves propagate through the air and pass through other electronic devices? Wouldnt that cause malfunctions? Please explain. Thanks.
  2. Hello I have heard many things about how electrons/em fields move through a circuit. Can someone give me a good mental image of what a em field is and how it moves through a wire? Iv seen many respones on how electrons moving cause em field/magnetic field (again iv heard elctonic field and magnetic field idk which one) like how electrons moving causes friction which causes heat which causes photons which are the virtual photons in magnetism. I dont know if that is right. So what im asking is a correct answer covering what is the thing flowing and causing power in a circuit. If its electromagnetic field explain how electrons movement causes electro or magnetic fields. What are thos fields made of and how do they work? How is velocity made, what causes electrons/electronic fields to move through a circuit. I'v always heard or understood it as the seperation of positive(protons) and negative(electrons) which causes attraction. JUST CLEAR EVERYTHING UP FOR ME!!! Thanks
  3. Do lasers refract at differenct frequencies? When a laser refracts off an object does the refracted em waves of the laser bounce off at different frequencies? How are the laser frequencies measured?
  4. Hello, I have a question on how range finders use their lasers. Does the recieving part of the range finder recieve a single beam of light somehow perfectly reflected from an object or does the laser refract in all directions (when it hits an object) at a certain frequency to be recieved at that frequency? Thanks
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