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  1. fidget spinner electric generator url deleted In the rows below we will show how to make a simple electric generator using a fidget spinener, 3 neodymium magnets, a coil without core from a syncronous motor 230 V - inside A4 laminators and microwaves. 1. coil without core - inside a syncronous motor 230 V ( A4 laminators and mirowaves turntable motor) 2. led 3. fidget spinner 4. 3 neodymium magnets Instructions: fix the neodymium magnets on the fidget spinner conect the led to the output wires of the coil
  2. more details are in the description of the movie " small generator 2" on youtube channel - name deleted
  3. small generator lighting 7 W led bulb 230 V E 27 homemade and another small generator is lighting 230 V Mr 16 led 3 W the movie: it will be possible in the close future to create one more powerfull?
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