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    I'm a seventy year old severely autistic male who is totally passive. I am blessed with continual original thoughts. Sorry that there isn't any music on my website, but I got side tracked by an electric motor.
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  1. Thought I'd resurrect this thread as I've now sorted the chaff from the wheat, plus I now have a cold hearted referee that I run everything by ( he's a genius and doesn't give me any slack) The only thing that we can conceive of as perfect, is nothing...zilch, zero, naff all. I figured if we have something, the universe, then we have a concept of nothing. So no, nothing doesn't exist, but the thought of nothing does! This is a meditation point, for the question is unanswerable so constantly swirls around in our heads. You are on auto think, lost in the concept of nothing. Already this non entity has set up repeat patterns of thought, an hypnotic pulse, and part paralyzed your body. Nothing doesn't reveal itself easily, you have to put the work in. Ignorance is bliss, but so is near total knowledge. Total ignorance and total knowledge are only possible with our demise. Diagram to follow.
  2. Thank you Ghideon. I'd never heard of this, but by what I've read I'm nailed on time-space synesthesia because of the multiple facts I can remember from single events, plus my memory hasn't faded with age.
  3. Thanks for responding strange. Sorry I seem vague and unspectacular, but you cannot believe how difficult it is to explain how I think, so I'll try again...wish me luck (yes that is possible lol) Example: A component breaks down in your TV. and you lose sound. You imagine that component as a marching army badly out of step. You then mentally put them back in time. The success of the repair will be equal to the belief of the changer.
  4. I read the link info, and though thought provoking (I don't understand some of it) is not really where I'm coming from. For starters, I see numbers as having different spacing, as in increasing gaps between numbers as they ascend. I know it may seem madness, but it makes guessing so much easier. Example 1. Earthbound maths: 123456 My maths: 1 2 3 4 5 6 or from my perspective 1 3 6 10 15 21 So in reality I don't tie myself down with digits, rather more I change the the spaces between blocks of information, this way I am not restricted by the rules of maths. Example 2. I went to my local building supplies to buy five metres of abrasive paper. Although there wasn't a rule on the dispenser, I knew how much I needed and duly reeled off exactly five metres. How did I measure it so accurately without a rule? Well I know how tall I am, I know the dimensions of my living room, I know the length of a 12 inch rule etc. All of us take in this information but seldom use it, and when we do we often add a hand gesture as in "I'd say it's about this big" Example 3. Start guessing size, length, weight etc: In the first week you'll be 90 percent out, second week 80 percent out, but eventually you'll be able to guess measurements down to a millimetre. No digits needed, they really do use up a lot of space in your head. All my ramblings are based on probability factors. The only proof I have at present is my ability to make very scary guesses. That word argument gets in the way of evolution. Many words act like a brake, we just don't realise the destructive and inhibiting power they have. I agree totally...it's what you want it to be. I believe it's possible to interfere with future (mans concept of time only) events by changing the maths in the other place. I have to call it the other place as most people think it ceased to exist after the Big Bang. That's encouraging...thank you.
  5. I am an uneducated 72 year old former car cleaner, so I'm doubting that anyone on this forum will give my theory much creedence, but just in case I'm smarter than I think I am, I'll empty my heart and say my piece. My Theory I believe that only maths existed before the big bang, and I further believe that maths was looking for an answer that was unanswerable without the existence of a material universe. With an over heating CPU, maths blue screened. The universe it created was to provide a physical abacus, a playground of endless possibilities that would feed back information to the mainframe. If maths was there before the big bang then it's still there, not fourteen million years in the past, more so just a doorway of belief away. So can we connect with this pre existence maths and change things? Most certainly we can, and I intend to prove this is so.
  6. I'm not up on all the stuff you guys know about, but I've put forward my theory in terms that you might understand. I discovered this theory when trying to build a generator that utilized a gravity cheat. Dark matter contains information on the past, present and future, though in truth all three time frames are just a state of being. It's my belief that dark matter contains all information needed for the evolution of the universe, yet those that supposedly know (theorists like me) confer that dark matter cannot interact with baryonic matter, but I say different. Gravity is the conduit that passes information from DM to BM, when processed (used) the affected information is returned to DM. I think there is a misconception that gravity has an up and down flow, but of course nothing is moving as there is no matter present, so from what I know I've deduced that gravity is hoop like. The reason DM uses gravity as a carrier is to prevent an intelligent life form from connecting directly to DM. If someone was to find the coding of gravity they would be God and hold ultimate sway on everyone and everything. I'm here to be challenged, not bullied because I'm not academic.
  7. Sorry to appear evasive but you know the score e.g.; no patent yet. However, I'd like to let you all know how an expensive, complex, fragile, low output motor became Nomanoba 7. It originally had 47 parts, 34 of them moving at one time or another. The build cost was around £1,000, so I finally came to the decision that it wasn't worth the monetary risk. I was feeling a little crestfallen, when my partner, who is far from dumb, came out with this little gem. "Couldn't you use the case as the bit that goes round" Within 5 minutes of getting over my hysterical laughing fit, Nomanoba had shed 42 parts, and hey presto, all the fragile expensive high maintenance parts were no more. To answer a few questions: There is a winding, but not in a coil shape, and it's quite small in comparison to the overall motor. There are 5 moving parts because the power transfer system just happens to hold everything in place, it was purely accidental...it sort of invented itself. The electronics, if you can call them that, are not used in any other existing electric motor, because the "Bonkers" wheel I invented determined the electronics. The reason why in 40 years I'd never sussed how to make it work, was that the mechanics had to come first. The poster that suggested I might have reinvented the wheel was not too far off the truth. I don't have a problem financing a patent (search already done) so hopefully all will be revealed in early May. I will however show "Nomanoba" (internals hidden) on Youtube in about four weeks time. "Nomanoba" is not my number one invention, that title belongs to "Norepo" which is a propulsion system that could be used for interplanetary travel. To be honest, I'm using "Nomanoba" to gain some respect, that I can, at a later date, offer "Norepo" as an alternative to conventional rocket power. I'm a retired car cleaner with no letters after my name, so you can imagine some of the responses I've had, the most common being "Go away weirdo" but I have a belief system that raises me above all that, so I will keep focused until someone listens. And with that thought, all I can say is that I am truly humbled by your interest, especially as you all know I am without education or qualifications. Thank you.
  8. Lol nothing as complicated with plain old "Nomanoba" It has one strange shaped winding, but the winding isn't round. However, this abnormality is beautifully balanced by the "Bonkers" mechanics. ps. I wrote Nomanoba her own song...maybe I'll record it and post here. It's very passionate.
  9. Brilliant! Almost deserving of a prize just for having an open mind and believing anything is possible. I will do my best to post figures as and when I can calculate them. I've been told I need a dynamometer which I will purchase. Up til now I've been using a spring balance, which although crude at least gave me enough information and motivation to build the rotary part. You are spot on with that comment, in that I went back to a time before the wheel was invented and asked myself how I could complicate such a basic concept. However, it did take me 40 years to strip it back to something that was usable.
  10. Go for it...I've recently started gigging with a band with my own songs and apart from the buzz I'm earning good money. ps. I'm a 70 year old stick insect...if I can do it there's hope for everyone
  11. Thank you for being polite and not telling me I'm nuts, well I am in a good way. I have done a patent search, and nothing comes close, plus the principle is very simple (think paper clip simplicity) so hopefully cheaper than my 2 previous patents as the wording is very short and untangled. As I said, I want to share the journey, and when protected, I'd like to show the plans on here and tell the story of how this all came about. I want to make people smile when they see how stupidly simple it is...it's also aesthetically very beautiful. Thank you Wow now that's impressive! Can you reveal how it works, or is that a dumb question?
  12. Hello, I haven't had much of an education and am not a scientist, my driving license is my only paper qualification, so I don't expect an easy ride on here. What I would like is good manners which I haven't found on the two previous forums I've posted on being called twat, liar and moron lol. I have invented a motor that runs on electricity but does not use electromagnets. I don't have measuring instruments apart from an AVO, so my comparisons and claims can be easily challenged. I started posting on forums that I could use others objections and arguments to refine my invention. In one week of battling non believers, I simplified the motor from 47 moving parts to just 5. So the build has begun and the motor will go on youtube in about a months time, but without a patent it will be shown as just a box 10 inches x 2 inches with a drive shaft coming from within. The build cost is but a fraction of a conventional electric motor, as precision is not much of an issue (I don't have a lathe or milling machine etc) plus it needs less amperes than it's forerunner. I use straight line propulsion and a "Bonkers" rotary converter. All parts are generally obtainable except the heart which I have to make. This is the only precision part but can be fashioned with hand tools and a good eye. I just wanted to share the ride with open and like minded souls, nothing more than that. Thank you for reading.
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