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  1. Aren't you quite the special one? This reminds me of the kind of mindless, meaningless drivel, scripted for perfume adverts.
  2. I can't imagine how it could be. But I'm almost sure that however you imagine it to be, it's probably some other way.
  3. This is the same type of "convorstion" that creationists have all the time. Isn't it interesting that only creationists have these "convorsations"? You'd have thought that there'd be at minimum, one non-creationist who could confirm he was party to the discussion. I knew it was BS as soon as I started reading. Why do creationists all eventually resort to lying?
  4. I just got a message from the god. She's well and truly fed up with the name 'God', which according to her, isn't even a name. She wants you to refer to her as Bernice from now on.
  5. Yes. The Earth is about 4.5 billion years old and life has been around for a good portion of that. Human life has been around for between 100,000 and 200,000 years (depending on how you define Human). There are substantial numbers of fossils which indicate that Homo Sapiens evolved from a series of parent species. There is absolutely no reasonable explanation which would allow for the creation of a human prior to the commonly accepted time frame, which would be necessary for the Bible story to be possible.
  6. I'm asking you what is the reason it (belief) is not the default? Because reasonable people need reasons to accept claims, especially if these claims are outlandish? Why is that difficult to get your noodle round? Some people did not believe because they did not see. Are their really sure what they can't see really don't exist? We don't have to be sure, this is not a question of knowledge but of belief. Consider for example radio waves. You can't see but you know it exist. We don't have to see something to know that it's real. We have sufficient evidence of radio waves such
  7. I find it hard to believe that people still ask this question. Without wishing to be disparaging, it's a stupid question. It would be very stupid of me to ask you what pushes you to not believe in Odin or Atet. In truth, there are no reasons I can think of why you should believe in either of these gods, anymore than there are for atheists to believe that yours exists. The exact reason they don't believe is the same one you have for not believing in all the other gods. That is not only enough reason to hold the position, it is more than enough, as you well know since you're in the same posi
  8. I think your reasoning is faulty, Hypercube. Assigning an emotional value to the labels we use for emotions, doesn't make the question easier for you to answer. It actually confuses the issue. A label is simply a label, neither positive or negative. What you are describing is the physiological response you feel when you love or hate, and you're doing it in keeping with the conventional view that hate is a negative response. From that point you have assigned it a mathematical value by assuming that "more than" and "less than" are opposites (which of course they are in mathematics). Wha
  9. I think that neither wonder nor empathy could be judged as the most important on the basis that their are animals which don't feel empathy and seem to survive regardless. There are even people who don't feel empathy, and they do quite well as a result. By 'wonder', I assume you mean amazement or fascination. Again this is an emotion which it seems very few species enjoy. I think fear is one of the most important emotions. Without fear, a species would die out almost immediately. Selfishness is another which is very important if your aim is to survive for any length of time.
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